The Potting Shed Guiseley

The Potting Shed in Guiseley

I have never been to Guiseley before and it wasn’t until I went to The Potting Shed that I realised it’s so close to Leeds. Only a ten minute train journey for a £5 return ticket. Why have I not been before? I’d happily come back on a warm sunny day and spend time at The Potting Shed. Three reasons why: Jungle decoration, moorish food and fruity cocktails.

The Potting Shed Guiseley

Jungle Decoration

As you can see the top floor is fully decorated like a jungle. There are fake flowers and plants everywhere, even on the walls and hanging down from the ceiling. Wallpapers with botanical design and furniture in mismatching patterns. I love this decoration and it makes me want to invest in more plants of my own at home. I’d go for real ones but I understand a place like this would be difficult to keep up if all the plants are real.

The Potting Shed decorationThe Potting Shed botanical wallpaper The Potting Shed fire place The Potting Shed lamps

Continuing outside on the balcony, the jungle theme continues with a massive plant feature wall. The perfect back drop for instagram photos. The roof is removable for sunny day and if it gets extra hot, the windows can be folded away as well. It’s the perfect sun trap for days when all you want is a cold drink in nice company.

The Potting Shed balconyThe Potting Shed plant feature wall

Moorish Food Menu

The Potting Shed has a good mix of starters. A choice of Garlic Dough Balls, Calamari, Maple-Mustard Chipolatas, Halloumi Fries, Peri Peri Chikecn Gujons, Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta, Chicken Liver Pate and of course a Platter full of cheese, meat and bread.

My favourites, and perhaps what I  wouldn’t normally pick as a first choice, are the Maple-Mustard Chipolatas and the Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta. The mini sausages are finger looking good covered in maple and mustard glaze. The bruschetta is covered in garlic mushroom and cheese, giving it a soft texture on top and crisp bread underneath.

Garlic Dough Balls Maple Syrup Chipolatas Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta Prawn Tempura

Deciding on a main is tricky. My choice was between their Yorkshire Burger, Sirloin Steak or Shed Kebab. I went for the latter as I’ve only just learnt to enjoy Yorkshire pudding but not sure I’d enjoy it with a burger in the middle and I can order a steak at most restaurants. I’m really happy with my decision. If you don’t order a starter, I’d advice on also ordering a side. In my case, the skin fries were unnecessary.

The lamb kebab is served on a garlic flat bread, with minty chopped salad and sweet chilli sauce. Normally a kebab can get dry but this comes with plenty of sauce to last the full meal. I find it too big to roll and eat but cutting like a pizza works just as well.

The Potting Shed food Lamb kebab

Fruity Cocktails

The upstairs bar has a dedicated gin menu but also serves other fruity cocktails. Deciding what cocktails to go for is never easy but if you already know what you like, the gin menu let’s you create your own in three easy steps. 1. Pick your gin, 2. Choose your tonic 3. Decide on a garnish. I of course went the other way around and picked my garnish (blueberry) and tonic (Sicilian Lemon) first and on recommendation of gin went for Mason’s Tea to create an ice tea taste. It worked, really refreshing on a warm spring day.

The Potting Shed Gin

We also got a chance at making our own cocktails and the Mint & Apricot Daiquiri caught my eye. A fresh, fruity and very strong cocktail which is very easy to make but slightly trickier to pour into the glass.

Cocktail Masterclass The Potting Shed Cocktail ClassMint & Apricot Daquiry

Havana 3YO | Apricot puree | Fresh lime juice | Gomme | Mint leaves

Apart from Guiseley, The Potting Shed have restaurants in Beverley and Bingley as well and will soon open up a branch in Leeds. Have you been to one of their restaurants before? Would you go?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited to visit The Potting Shed and sample their food and drinks in return for this post. As always, my words and views are my own.


  • Kel

    I have a real soft spot for The Potting Shed in Bingley but didn’t realise there was one in Guiseley too! This one is very pretty! x

    • Jennie

      It is! I went to the Bingley one for the first time this weekend. The food is equally nice in both. Can’t wait for them to open up in Leeds. x

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