Hawes & Curtis

As soon as I saw the box from Hawes & Curtis I knew this would be a completely different shirt* to others I’ve worn previously. I could tell from the packaging and how well presented the shirt was in the box that it is a good quality shirt and that the people behind the design has had the person wearing it in mind when making it.

Rock styleLeather Jacket

Leather Jacket – H&M | Polkadot Shirt – Hawes & Curtis | Ripped Jeans – Topshop | Wedges – New Look

I’ve never been a shirt wearer person. I find it difficult to find the right fit due to my big boobs. Yes, the boobs are always the culprits when trying on a nice looking shirt but having to hang it back in store for two reasons: it fits perfectly everywhere apart from over the boobs where a massive gap between the buttons and everyone can see my bra (not in a sexy way) or the gap between the boobs in no existent but it looks like I’m wearing a tent and how fun is that? (unless made into festival clothing like I showed in my Ushiwear post).

Ripped JeansPolkadot shirt

If you have similar problems buying shirts like me, then you know how thrilled I was to be able to receive a shirt in my normal top size and it fits! I was nervous unpacking the shirt and trying it on in case it would be just like normal shirts but I was pleasantly pleased to find it’s a great fit and that it feels more like a top than a shirt. Other shirts I’ve worn are quite stiff but this feels soft and comfortable all around and i can move my arms very comfortably. It still makes me want to straighten my back all the time, and that’s a good thing because who wants to look like a cabbage all day long? In order to get this fit, you will have to expect to pay a bit more than when you go to high street. It’s worth it though and shirts will never stop being trendy so you are investing for a lifetime.

Hawes & Curtis shirtAccessories

I’m hoping to make use of this shirt all year around and for different occasions. I love the blue colour and the cute white polkadots. I love stripes and polkadot clothes so this fits in well in my wardrobe. The shirt also comes in a short sleeved version but I prefer longs sleeves which can be folded up (need to practise how to do this perfectly) and also in dark blue which I might invest in for winter time. Find more fitted women’s shirts from Hawes & Curtis and great offers at the minute here.

Blue fitted shirt

In this post, I wanted cuteness to meet my casual rock style so I paired it with ripped black jeans, a black leather jacket and black wedges. I love my blacks and in this case, they make the shirt stand out even more. For a warmer day, I’d pair it with white shorts and a white tank top and leave the shirt open, a la cardigan style. It would bring out the white details around the collar and  the two button cuffs.

Where do you buy your shirts and how do you style them?

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own.