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Periods are a pain! The period itself isn’t so bad, it’s everything that comes with it that makes me think it’s a pain to have it every month. Every month for most of my life! If you’re a woman like me, I’m sure you’ll recognise all the following pains with periods. If you’re a man reading this – be happy you never have to go through these things every single month!

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  • Despite keeping a tracker of when I have my period each month, I seem to think the next one comes around far too soon.
  • Each time I forget why I act our of character and a couple of days later I realise it was because my period was due. By out of character I mean that I give a grumpy or short reply to one person when there’s no need for it, or I feel tired for no reason at all.
  • Speaking of out of character, it gets wore the first and second day of the actual period. I loose my temper quickly and want to bite someone’s head off. Again, for the most silly or trivial things like dropping my keys on the floor.
  • Being bloated and feeling like I look like the Michelin car tyres man walking around.
  • Wearing clothes that look exactly the same on me as when I’m not on my period but I only feel like a bin bag would fit me properly.
  • Feeling greasy all over – the hair and every inch of the body, despite showering and washing the hair regularly.

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  • The pain! The pain is the worst. When I first got my period (around 11/12 years old) I didn’t have any pains but the older I get, the worse they get. The first and second day of the period is the worst. It feels like someone’s stabbing my bellow constantly, or like I’ve been to a 10 hour long abs session. All I want to do is crawl into fetal position and hope it goes away.
  • Having to constantly change tampons or other sanitary wear, depending on your choice.
  • That the period tends to arrive during the most inconvenient times – beach holiday away or the one week when school decided to go to the indoor swimming pool. If I ever get married and decide to wear white, I bet you I’ll be on my period.
  • Spots, horrible little spots popping up in my face prior to a period. Luckily not as many or as bad as in my teens.
  • Having to pay for sanitary wear. A pack might not be much but it easily adds up. I’d hate to think how much money I’ve spent on sanitary wear throughout my days. According to Freda, we spend over £18,000 on them!! Imagine what you could do with all that money.
  • Worse than having to spend money on tampons and pads is probably not having any at all. When you buy Freda’s period care subscription box, money is donated to worldwide initiatives tackling “period poverty”.

About Freda

Freda sanitary subscription box

Freda* is a subscription sanitary wear service offering personalised monthly boxes with the right amount of sanity wear you need. They use digital technology to track your monthly cycle so your tampons or pads will arrive in time. Each box is £6.99 and includes 16 products in total, totally up to you which size and combination of tampons and pads you like and need. All the products are eco-friendly and made of organic cotton.  No dyes, fragrance or deodorant are used to make us feel as comfortable as possible.

I was sent the starter box to try some of their range and I must admit, I felt better from wearing Freda tampons than other brands I’ve tried. It was my first time trying applicator tampons and I won’t be using those again. They have non applicator tampons as well which I would get. I like the idea of having these sent home so I know I always have a pile at home. I just wish you could add more than 16 in total in each box.

What are your pains around periods? Do you experience the above? Have I missed any out? Do you use organic or non organic sanitary wear?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. All views are my own.