Burger and fries

Wow, ‘The Joint’ is one of the best burger restaurants I’ve ever been to. They started off as a takeaway in Meanwood called ‘Get Baked’ but have now also a restaurant close to Leeds Uni called ‘Get Baked Presents: The Joint’ or more easily remembered ‘The Joint’.

I’ve never been to the takeaway place but heard about their massive portions for burgers and fries and that they’re absolutely delicious. Therefore I had high hopes going to their restaurant but I promise, I was not disappointed.

The Joint from outside Sign outside The Joint

On arrival we were seated in a separate room as we were a bigger party. One tall table with uncomfortable chairs and the same wallpaper on all four walls: black and white posters of old school TV games. Really cool room and perfect for us so that we could here what everyone was saying.


From the menu you can tell it’s an American restaurant with mainly burgers and fries on offer. It takes a while to go over the menu as all burgers and fries have funny and weird names and some of the ingredients are a bit confusing too. A colleague of mine opted for a burger with peanut butter which might sound strange but ended up making a lot of sense when eating it.

Food menu

Drinks menu Desert menu

I was thirsty so ordered a “Slip ‘N’ Slide” milkshake to start off with. It was fairly simple with banana and marshmallows as ingredients but tasted lovely so went down a right treat and quick too.

Banana milkshake

“Jimmy Two Times” burger and “Pigzipper” fries

For my meal I decided on a burger I wouldn’t normally get from another burger place, it’s called “Jimmy Two Times” and is fried in mustard. When I was younger I didn’t enjoy the mustard on McD’s cheese burgers but now I really enjoy it so I thought The Joint’s burger would be awesome. there was also chorizo, funyuns (onion crisps), some salad and different sauces. Luckily the burger wasn’t as big as I thought so I was able to eat it all. You can order doubles if you feel extra peckish.

Jimmy Two Times burger Burger and fries

On the side I ordered a portion of fries and they are fairly big so unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish them all. I don’t think the milkshake had anything to do with that… Anyhow, I’m glad I got them because they are amazing! All fries are left with the skin on, we all know these are the best, and then you can choose what topping you’d like. I opted for the “Pigzipper” fries which came with fried bacon and baconnaise (bacon flavoured mayo). What a great combo and the bacon was really crispy and salty, I call it perfection.

Pigzipper fries

Interior design

The Joint is a really cool place, not only for it’s food but they’ve also got some great interior design. Wherever you go there is something new and interesting to look at. Tables and chairs are all different and they love a lot going on on the walls. Mostly cartoons, superheroes and some artistic creations of iconic music stars. They also seem to have a love for neon signs, just as you walk in and also to find the ladies room. In the toilets they’ve made clever use of old beer barrels as sinks which look really stylish. As if this wasn’t enough, they also play really cool music!

Neon wall paper The Joint's bar The Joint's seating area

Barrel sinks

Ladies room neon sign
Neon sign

Have you been to The Joint yet? I’ll definitely come back, probably not for a while as it is a lot of food to digest. I’d probably leave the milkshake for desert as I couldn’t even look at the desert menu without feeling sick.

Jennie xx