Grand Ole Opry

When I put together my bucket list of things to see and experience in Nashville, The Grand Ole Opry was at the top of my list. I was really happy my cousin, who I stayed with, was able to get hold of tickets when I was there. It’s a very popular show and it’s not every night there is a performance. We went on a Tuesday evening and it was sold out.

The Grand Ole Opry outside

I imagined it’s a popular show even amongst locals of Nashville, as it’s a privilege for country singers to perform on this stage. When we were asked who was here for the first time, surprisingly almost everyone raised their hands. People had come from all over the world to watch the show.

Durango sponsors Tuesday night shows and so I was obviously wearing my cowgirl boots for the evening (not that I knew they were sponsoring until I got there, so it was all a lucky coincidence).

The Grand Ole Opry inside

The structure of the show is really good. Each evening there’s 7 acts and they get around 15 minutes or so each to play. They put on a really good mix of artists, something to fit everyone’s age group and taste. On the evening when I was there, I’d only previously heard of Rascal Flatts but I found some new talents to listen to.

The following were performing;

Terri Clark

It can’t be easy being the first one out, especially when you know who most of th crowd is there to see. I think Terri did a good job and although I might not be a massive fan, she’s got some good traditional country songs.


Second act was a a duo, two brothers but I guess they don’t have the same dad or mum as they looked so unmatched together. Even so, good modern pop country which the crowd really enjoyed.

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay is a young Canadian country singer, up and coming I guess. She’d recently been on a successful tour with other female country singers. Great voice and some good songs.

Chris Janson

This is the act which got the crowd and evening really going. I really enjoyed Chris’ performance and songs. He’s got a lot of energy, almost a bit crazy like Jerry Lee Lewis on stage.

Bill Anderson

The oldest performer for the evening and quite a few people took the chance to go for a toilet break. I listened and even though it’s really old, talking type of country music, he did manage to make us laugh on many occasions.

Rascal Flatts The Grand Ole Opry

Old Crow Medicine Show

This is a 7 man band, who all play different instruments: guitar, violin, bass, harmonica, banjo etc. I was really looking forward to this performance prior to the show and they were really good. I love the combination of all the different classic instruments and they had some good fast paced songs as well. A lot of energy on stage.

Rascal Flatts

Rascall Flatts were headlining and most likely the act bringing most of the crowd on the evening. I’ve heard a couple of songs from them before and I do like the voice of their singer, it’s a very special and distinct voice. If it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure I’d know why they’re so famous and popular in the country music world.

I had a really good. It went really quick listening to co many acts playing they’re most played and known songs. If you like country music, want to get a chance to discover some new artists or see the ones you really love, The Grand Ole Opry is the place for you!

Jennie xx