Blogmas day 9

Have you ever played the Christmas Gift Game? For what I know it’s not very common in the UK but it sure is in Scandinavia so here’s another Chrustmas tradition for you from back home.

This game is perfect when you want to spice up the Christmas party, if you’re competitive and like games. It’s especially great if you celebrate with people you don’t know so well and might not want to spend that much money on.

Red Christmas gifts

I played it the other night at the yearly Christmas party some of my friends through every year. We brought three gifts each, not worth more than a £1 each. It’s amazing what you can find in a pound shop. I went to Poundworld the day before and picked up three alcohol themed products: a wine monkey sock, a pop up plastic beer glass and a mug saying ‘I’d rather be in the pub’. I know my friends and they all like a drink so I thought it would suit everyone. There’s so many more options but you never know if the gift will end up with a boy or a girl so this was a safe bet.

Anyway, less about the gifts and more about the game!!!

What you need

  1. Dice (1-3 depending on how many are playing)
  2. Christmas gifts (the amount is totally up to you)
  3. Shot glasses
  4. Alcohol

How to play the Christmas Gift Game

The game is split in two sections, the first is where you collect gifts and the second where you steal gifts. In both parts it’s only sixes and ones that count. Every time you get a 1 you need to drink a shot and when you roll a 6 you get to pick/steal a gift depending on which half you’re playing.

First half

Place all the gifts in a pile on the table or floor and gather around them. If it’s only five of you I’d say one dice is enough but if there’s a few more of you it’s good idea to play with more dice or the game could take forever. The aim of this half is to collect as many gifts as possible and when they’re all out this part of the game is over. The first person rolls the dice, if it’s a 1 they take a shot, if it’s a 6 they take a gift. Go around clockwise until all gifts are taken.

Pile of Christmas gifts

Second half

This is the most fun part, if you can roll sixes that is. Again, go around clockwise letting each person roll the dice. The rule for rolling a 1 stays the same but if you hit a 6 you’re allowed to steal a gift from someone else. Make sure to set a timer first so that you don’t go on playing for ever. Around 10-15 minutes should be enough. When the time is up, the gifts you have are yours. If you’re lucky, it’s all of them and if you’re unfortunate and not good at rolling a dice, you might go home empty handed.

Two useful tips

  1. Eye up a few gifts before that you would like to get your hands on. The game can get hectic towards the end so it’s good to know which gifts to steal.
  2. Don’t be fooled of the looks of the gifts. Sometimes the most attractive packaging might not have the best gift inside. I remember the first time I played this game and we all wanted the cute little gift but once it was over, it wasn’t a ring, it was a condom haha.

This year I was very pleased getting my hands on a Lady Gaga toothbrush. It was a lovely surprise and it does its job very well. Here I am brushing my teeth.

Have you played this game. Have you got any other fun Christmas Gift Games? Please share below!

Jennie xx