The Body Shop is the first skincare brand I shopped with with my own money. I’m sure you remember one of their first fragrances: white musk. I had owned on of them and of course a body butter. Olive was my favourite back then. I don’t think there’s ever been a point in my life when I’ve not had a body butter at home. I’ve never stopped shopping with The Body Shop but in recent years, my favourites have changed. I’ve even had the pleasure of working with The Body Shop when they have launched new Christmas products. There are four staple products that I keep coming back for. As soon as they run out, I instantly buy more. Here’s my recent haul.

The Body Shop Haul

Body Shop Lip Butter

I can’t leave the house without putting on some lip gloss first. I only wear colourful lipstick for special occasions and if I don’t carry a pocket mirror with me, I can’t apply it without looking like a clown. That’s where lip glosses come in. The lip butters from The Body Shop are great because they’re easy to apply without any risk of smudging. A little tub like this lasts forever. I can’t remember when I bought one the last time but they’ve had time to change the branding so I’m guessing a long while. The grapefruit lip butter is my favourite. It has a subtle refreshing scent and a lovely peachy/apricot tint to it.

Body Shop Lip Butter

Body Shop Instablur Primer

When it comes to makeup, I find this Instablur the best primer before applying foundation. They used to sell an eye primer as well which I’m so sad was discontinued. Luckily the Instablur is still available. I love the texture, it’s so nice and smooth to apply to the skin. It instantly gives the skin a matte and even finish.

Body Shop Instablur

Body Shop Body Yoghurt

These body yoghurts come in the same scents as their body butters but I prefer the yoghurts as they’re much lighter in texture. It’s possible that they don’t last as long but that’s ok. They’re quicker to dry on your body which is great if you’re in a rush. The skin absorbs it quicker than a thick body butter and if your skin is a little bit wet it still works. Great if you spend time in a humid changing room which I do at the gym. The gym is currently closed but I can’t wait for it to open up again.

Body Shop Body Yoghurt

I use the almond scent (vegan) as my daily moisturiser and save the ones with a bit of more scent for special occasions or when I need a good pick-me-up. In my latest online shop I bought the two new fragrances: cool cucumber and zesty lemon. I love lemon and this smells so nice and tangy. The cucumber is really refreshing but I get more of a watermelon scent than cucumber. I don’t mind at all, both are lovely smells.

Hand Cleanse Gel

I’ve carried around hand gel in my bag a lot longer before COVID-19 came around. It’s always handy for any situation. The general hand held smell a lot of alcohol (no brainier) and as much as I quite like the strength in it, I don’t like the actual scent. The Body Shop on the other hand have lots of nicely scented hand gels. They didn’t have the grapefruit in stock so this time I picked up the coconut scented one instead. Coconut is a great scent in skincare products. It makes you smell of summer and holiday.

Body Shop Hand Cleanser Gel

What are your go to products from The Body Shop? Have you got a favourite scent in their skincare collection?

Jennie xx