Prashad dining table

Prashad Restaurant is located between Leeds and Bradford, in an area called Drighlinton. I’ve heard of it many times being on Gordon Ramsay’s Best British Kitchen, but not owning a car, it’s not the easiest restaurant to get to from Leeds. Their sister restaurant however is. You might have heard of Bundobust, and hopefully also visited. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Leeds. Just like Bundobust, Prashad’s menu is fully vegetarian. I could never bee a vegetarian or vegan, I love meat too much, but I love vegetarian food as well and when cooked like at Prashad, I don’t mind there not being any meat available.

Prashad restaurant

Hand Embroidery Designs Inspired by Prashad Cookbook

Before experiencing Prashad’s vegetarian menu, we took a speed course in embroidery using the Prashad cookbook as inspiration. The table had been beautifully set up with embroidery examples, and all material we’d need: needles, thread, fabric, hoop etc. Elnaz Yazdani talked us through different types of hand stitching as we went along. Starting with simple running stitches (which I skipped to do back stitches straight away), to French knots. They’re the cutest but I didn’t have time to try them out as I decided to fill a big block and it took most of the lesson time. I feel as if I did a good job taking inspiration from Prashad’s cookbook which is full of colourful dishes and stitch designs. Who knew cooking and stitching is such a good combination!

Hand embroidery stitching Prashad cookbook

I’ve not done hand embroidery since school and I doubt I will anytime soon again. Don’t get me wrong, I love being creative and it’s a very therapeutic way of going about it but I don’t have enough patience. It’s very fiddly from getting the thread through the needle eye to filling big outlines. We spent over an hour on this and I felt like I got nowhere. Perhaps I need to give it another go and have a clear vision of what I’d like to design.

Embroidery tools Back StitchingHand embroidery

Prashad Menu

Prashad’s 5 course tasting menu includes two starters, two mains and a dessert. It’s the perfect amount of dishes and sizing to sample their South Indian and Gujarati vegetarian cuisine style. I prefer tapas style dinners, where you get to eat a little bit of a lot of options so tasting menus are perfect if you’re the same.

Prashad dining room Prashad dining table

First up, the cutest savoury cone you have ever seen – Sanku. Asafoetida & mango powder infused mixed beans in an open samosa.Spoiler alert! This is my favourite on the menu. Perfect combination of flavours, just enough spice and great textures from crisp to soft.


Another cute dish – Kopra Pethis. Coconut, potato & spice. Any food in shape of balls are a winner for me. This doesn’t only look sweet but also taste sweet, in just the perfect amount.

Kopra Pethis

I love how the Massala Dosa is presented. Crepe, potato & onion curry with seasonal lentil broth. Although a popular dish, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a dosa before but I certainly will order them from now on. Beautiful flavours and fun element of dipping the dosa into the broth.

Massala Dosa

Last savoury dish of the evening – Kofta. Seasonable vegetable dough ball. How cute are these mini naan breads? And the vegetable dough ball crowning the curry underneath? I love that both the previous broth and this dough ball includes seasonable vegetables which means it might taste different each time you go.   ball as the centre of attention. Beautifully styled and delicious this was a favourite around the table.

Vegetarian KoftaKofta dough ball

To finish off, of course something sweet – Gujlawa. Baked filo layers filled with crushed pistachios, almonds and walnuts infused with cinnamon. Like the first, a pastry dish to seal the bag. Originally served with raisin & nutmeg ice-cream, I got toffee ice-cream instead as I don’t like raisins. The main star of the show must be the chocolate shaped star anise.


Each dish got me excited fro what more to come. With a really good variation of textures and flavours, Prashad’s menu wants you coming back for more.

Have you been to Prashad before? Would you go to a full vegetarian restaurant? Have you ever thought about combining food and crafts?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited to try hand embroidery with Elnaz Yazdani, followed by this delicious tasting menu at Prashad. All photos, words and views are as always my own.