I used to be a regular (for a while) at Distrikt when they first opened up in Leeds. I remember the first time I went, they were so happy to have customers and we kept coming back after that. Somehow I stopped going, possibly because I was new to the city and had so many other places to explore.

I’ve been one or two times after that, for drinks on a night out but last week I was back again for a lovely meal.

Why Distrikt?

Everyone that has been out on a Friday or Saturday night in Leeds knows that Distrikt is really popular, it fills up quickly and it might look even more crowded as it’s not that big. What Distrikt wins on is its location, cool interior, lovely staff, popular music and yummy cocktails. In other words, if you’re looking for a good night out, this is the place to be. You can come for a couple of drinks to get the evening started or spend the whole night here.

For me, the reason I go to Distrikt is because I love the atmosphere and the interiors. I love the canvas paintings on the walls of skulls in different shapes and colours. They have even incorporated the theme in the drinks menu. I love skulls and even though this isn’t Distrikt’s main theme it warms my heart to see. The darks wooden tables with plastic chairs in eye catching colours gives a chilled impression.

Distrikt Interior

An other criteria, probably the most important, is that the staff is very welcoming and they all alternate attending every single table, giving everyone the same attention. They have a chat with you, make sure everything is alright with the drinks, food and they clean the table as you go which is a nice treat. Couscous has a tendency to spill everywhere so between the courses being served the table stays clean rather than leaving it till after the customers have left.

Tapas at Distrikt

Ever since the start, Distrikt have served food, more specifically – tapas. I love tapas and the first time I went here they had scallops on the menu. In terms of seafood, scallops is probably one of the best, still the one I eat the least. I remember Distrikt’s scallops being divine! Sadly, they are no longer an offer on the menu but after so many years it wasn’t something I expected. What I did expect however was the standard of the food and I can say that’s still there, if not better.

The menu has 12 tapas dishes to chose from, with additional salads, snacks and platters if you prefer. I went with my friend on a Wednesday evening when they offer half prize on all tapas. I can truly recommend going when this offer is on as you can order all the food you want without regret.

The servings are big enough to share between two so amongst ourselves we ordered six different dishes. A really good combination with a bit of everything.

  1. sautéed wild mushrooms with garlic, thyme & spinach, served on walnut loaf
  2. ‘distrikt-in-house’ cured & smoked salmon, watercress &sumac crème fraîche, served w/ a toasted ciabatta
  3. harissa & garam masala spiced chicken wings, served w/ distrikt chilli or tzatziki (your choice!)
  4. sticky caraway balsamic ribs, slow cooked in cider & served with rosemary
  5. spiced lamb kofta & chorizo served w/ cumin, cous cous & tzatziki
  6. king prawns on bruschetta with roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic & spinach

Distrikt tapas

I really enjoyed all the dishes, especially the chicken wings with the chilli sauce. A warning though, this is not for you, unless you like spicy food. The chilli gave a nice burning sensation in the mouth and the sweet twist it has is amazing. If they start selling Distrikt Chilli on bottle I’ll be buying!

Now that I’ve got a taste for tapas at Distrikt again I’ll be back soon. Have you been to Distrikt and enjoyed their tapas?

Jennie xx