Vintage shops in Shoreditch

A Day Exploring in Shoreditch

I’ve been passing through Shoreditch plenty of times but never actually spent any quality time here. I’ve wanted to for a long time as I’ve heard nice things and from the little I’ve seen before been very intrigued. One day…

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Customised Vintage Sideboard

Giving My Living Room a Vintage Feel

Finally my living room feels complete. Two new pieces of furniture has been added to give my living room a vintage feel. Both compliment the existing pieces of furniture. The customised vintage sideboard bridges the white bookcase, white coffee table…

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northern flower Manchester

Exploring Manchester Northern Quarter

This is the year when I start doing instead of saying or thinking “I should”. I have been thinking and saying for a long while that I should go back to Manchester for a day out. In January, I just…

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Wicker Park

Exploring Wicker Park in Chicago

If you didn’t know already, I quite like quirky areas in cities and especially the areas where you can find lots of vintage and independent stores. Most cities will have areas like this and I always look for them so…

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