Sales Haul

Sales Haul In Sweden

Everytime I come to visit family and friends in Sweden, I HAVE to visit the shops England doesn’t have. I think I’ve done well, acclimatised myself with English shops that Sweden doesn’t have (Primark, River Island, Boots etc.) but I must…

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Weekly Update 4

Weekly Update #04

Last week of January is over, the longest month! Maybe not counting the days but definitely when it comes to waiting for pay day. I spent half of this week in Sweden and the other half back in Leeds. It…

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View from Långe Jan

Ottenby Nature Reserve

Ottenby Nature Reserve is a place in the south of Öland, the island where I was born. I haven’t been to Ottenby since I was a child and I believe we went with school to learn more about their bird…

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