zesty skincare products

Zesty Skincare Routine

I love skincare products and I like to think I’m good at taking car of my skin. Drinking loads of water every day, in fact, it’s my favourite drink (however boring that might sound) I believe helps keep my skin…

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Clarins Beauty Bar

Getting Pampered at Clarins’ Beauty Bar

When’s your skin at its worst? Mine’s at winter time. Especially on Sundays when I’ve treated myself to fatty food and alcoholic drinks during Friday and Saturday. I realised this when I recently went to try out Clarins’ Beauty Bar…

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Shopping Haul in Chicago

My Shopping Haul in Chicago

I never intended to do a lot of shopping whilst on holiday but it’s something I just can’t avoid. When I don’t have anything particular in mind that I would like to buy, it’s a lot more fun to go shopping….

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Weekly Update 11

Weekly Update #11

Yay, Spring is finally here. Today is the first day of Spring and although I didn’t really want to leave my bed this morning, I did get up and took advantage of the warm sun (1). I’ve been wearing my…

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