Let's Talk About Money

Let’s Talk About Money with NatWest

Let’s Talk About Money. NatWest** in Leeds recently organised a money discussion event which I attended. On the panel was Kat from @wearsitatkat, Laura Hateley (writer of the book: Money – A User’s Guide) and Michael, NatWest’s Leeds branch manager discussing…

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northern flower Manchester

Exploring Manchester Northern Quarter

This is the year when I start doing instead of saying or thinking “I should”. I have been thinking and saying for a long while that I should go back to Manchester for a day out. In January, I just…

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Sternschanze Hamburg

Sternschanze in Hamburg

The last post on Hamburg, for this time. Hamburg is made up of many smaller areas and all of them have their own charm but it was Sternschanze that I particularly liked slightly more. I haven’t seen all the other…

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The Pink Rain Mac

The Pink Rain Mac

This pink rain mac saved my holiday. I was expecting and dreaming of sunny days spent on the beach and in the sea. Instead, I only got one day off full sunshine which I spent in my parents’ garden tanning….

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