Goals for 2018

My Personal and Blog Goals for 2018

We’re already half way into January and compared to other bloggers I follow, I’m very late with posting my goals for this year. It’s still 50 weeks left of the year so I should have plenty of time to reach…

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Empress Mimi

Crowning My Booty with Empress Mimi

This is not an easy post to write and even harder to share with confidence. As like many others, I have issues with how I feel about my body. If you ask, I wouldn’t have any problems answering with all…

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Living Without a Phone

All the CAN’TS Living Without a Phone

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been living without a phone. It’s not by choice but because my banks phone insurance company can’t do their job properly. I’ve been lied to for weeks and it’s no fun! During this…

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