I tried CBD Oil for my Period Pains

AD | Gifted*. I’m sure you’ve heard of CBD. It’s the ‘it’ word right now when talking health. I’ve been on the fence towards it but thought it can’t hurt to try, right?! I suffer from really bad period pains so…

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Love Lagree Leeds

Love Lagree, a New Fitness Gym in Leeds

Leeds is starting to become a bit of a fitness mecca with new gyms and fitness classes being introduced. As a fitness enthusiast I don’t mind one bit. The latest and hottest trend coming from across the pond, also in…

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Empress Mimi

Crowning My Booty with Empress Mimi

This is not an easy post to write and even harder to share with confidence. As like many others, I have issues with how I feel about my body. If you ask, I wouldn’t have any problems answering with all…

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What's in my gym bag

What’s in my Gym Bag

I feel like I live in my gym bag. Most days I go to the gym, before work or during the lunch hour. I also cycle to work which means I can’t bring the biggest gym bag to fit it…

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