northern flower Manchester

Exploring Manchester Northern Quarter

This is the year when I start doing instead of saying or thinking “I should”. I have been thinking and saying for a long while that I should go back to Manchester for a day out. In January, I just…

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What to do in Amsterdam

Doing Amsterdam in Six Hours

You know you’re in Amsterdam when the first thing you see are picturesque canal views and randomly walk past inappropriate window displays. I love this city! Mainly for the architecture, such pretty buildin, but also because of all the canals….

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Eat in Dublin

Where to Eat in Dublin

I don’t think Dublin is known for its food culture so I didn’t have any specific dishes I wanted to try prior to going. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they eat a lot of seafood, which I love. Thinking…

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Dublin Musts

5 Musts When Visiting Dublin

A week ago, I went to meet up with my mum in Dublin for three full days of exploring. The first day was quite dull and it rained a lot but we still had a nice time. The following two…

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