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The Taco Bell is Finally Ringing in Leeds

Due to popular demand, on social, Taco Bell has finally decided to open up its doors in Leeds. Situated in St John’s Centre they’re in the fast food district with McDonalds next door and KFC opposite the street.

I’ve only been to Taco Bell once before, a life time ago in the US, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Guaranteed, they have a lot more to offer on their menu since then and another difference is that in the UK, you can see the food being prepared. I think this is a nice touch, making it less fast foody and more healthy looking. But let’s be honest, it’s still a fast food joint but who doesn’t love one of those now and again? 🙂 You get what you see fast and for a reasonable price.

Taco Bell menuTaco Bell kitchen

I’ve tried a few things from the menu: chicken tacos, nachos, chrunchwrap supreme, beefy melt grilled and fully loaded fries. I’m traditional so giving all the thumbs up to the tacos. So fresh and filling. The nachos are also nice, especially if you like melted cheese. The second sharer meal, ‘fully loaded fries’, comes with beef, melted cheese, spicy fries, sour cream and the most delicious poco de gallo (salsa). I could have eaten that on its own so next time I’ll order in an extra.

Taco Bell NachosTaco Bell tacosTaco Bell Meal

The wraps come in all different forms and combinations so most likely there will be something for everyone. If you’re a fan of Bar Burrito, Taco Bell is a good option if you want something more affordable. Here you can get a full meal cheaper than a Bar Burrito burrito on its own.

Drinks wise, do try one of their Freeze drinks. Available in lemon and strawberry and for an extra £ rum is added turning them into Strawberry Daiquiris or Lemon Margaritas – winner! I really liked the latter: a tangy fresh taste.

Taco Bell cold drinks

I was pleasantly surprised about the dessert offering. We had to try the churros and chocomarsh melt (chocolate and marshmallow filled tacos). The churros aren’t the best I’ve had but for a £1ish, get in! I really recommended the marshmallow dessert if you like chocolate (who doesn’t?!).

Taco Bell dessert

For me, Taco Bell is the Mexican McDonalds and I’d choose their tacos over burgers any time. Especially on Taco Tuesdays where you get a taco and a beer/soft drink for £2. Yes you read it right, super cheap. And the tacos are delicious! What’s more, they’re open till 3am so the last stop on a long night out which requires some food for the road home.

Heads up, any day or time you go here, be prepared to leave with a taco bell(y). Pun intended and I’m not even sorry because it’s great!

Jennie xx


  • Kel

    It’s weird that we had a Taco Bell here in Bradford aaaaages before you got one in Leeds! To be honest, I did only go once though just after they opened and thought it was so-so, and haven’t been back! oops!
    I really should give them another go now they’ll have found their feet a little!

    • Jennie

      Maybe they saw a big demand for it in Bradford over here. The Leeds one is due to popular demand on social which I think is out of the ordinary… I need to go back myself. One of those cold drinks would be perfect in today’s heat! x

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