Swedish Summers

For some reason, I always seem to go in August time when I visit Sweden during the Summer months. The first time I did this was because we were off to Way Out West (big music festival in Gothenburg) and for some reason, this timing has stuck with me since.

The best part about going to Sweden in August is because it’s crayfish season and all of you following me on Instagram can’t have missed I think they’re ain’t no party like a crayfish party. There are other great reasons for going to Sweden in the summer time, not only in August. I thought I’d share them, as well as the crayfish consuming, with you so you can get a glimpse of what I got up to during my latest visit.

Ain’t No Beaches Like the Swedish Beaches

If there’s one thing I miss about Sweden, it’s being able to go for a swim every so often. I was born on an island which has some of the worlds best beaches. I’ve been to a fair few (Fiji, Thailand, Cyprus, Australia and more) but none of them beat going for a swim on Öland. I was a bit sad I couldn’t stay for longer than a dip as it was very windy which equals a bit cold, not once in the sea but on land. Normally I’d stay a whole day tanning, relaxing and cooling off in the water now and again.

Just look at the view over Kalmar (my home city) and the bridge connecting Öland and the mainland – stunning if I may say so myself.

View over Ölandsbron and Kalmar

Ain’t No Transport Like a Cycle Transport

I love cycling. I revealed why I love it so much in a previous post (as if you didn’t already know) and in Sweden it’s even better. You don’t have to worry about break pads wearing down as you break by back pedalling, not squeezing the life out of your hands. It’s not as hilly so a lot more comfortable cycling at a slower pace, not having to breath sounding like you’re Dart Vader. There’s no need to worry about cars either, as there’s always a specific path for people cycling.

It’s been a while since I went for a longer bike ride in Sweden but during this visit it happened. My parents have re-located further away from the seaside (crazy, I know) so it took a while for us to get to a beach but it was so worth it. We could have driven, but what’s the fun in that on a nice summers day? A one hour long journey (10k) through woods, across fields and only the sound of birds singing happily. Can it get any more tranquil?


Ain’t No Party Like A Crayfish Party

Good company, lots of crayfish amongst us and something nice to drink is enough for me to have a good time. If you have crayfish for the first time though you should definitely experience it in style with all the songs, snaps, hats, colourful garlands and of course the paper moon. I was lucky to eat crayfish twice during my latest visit, but wouldn’t have mind even more. Maybe a trip to IKEA for more is on the cards… They have all the props you need and even the lyrics to the snaps songs.

Previously (long before I was born), it was only upper class who was able to enjoy crayfish but after the Swedish crayfish pest, many crayfish died out and Sweden started to import crayfish from other countries, like Turkey and China. These crayfish are smaller and don’t taste as good as Swedish crayfish but hey ho, at least I can afford to eat them. You could of course go fishing for your own (cheaper option) but I’ve never done this and would have no clue how to go about it either.


Ain’t No Cities like Swedish Summer Cities

The city I call my home city has been voted this years summer city, just like last year. The city where I went to Uni (on the opposite coast) is probably the second most popular summer city. I’m lucky to still have friends here so I get to visit now and again. Winter time, these cities aren’t much for sore eyes but during summer time there’s nothing better than when the cities liven up with tourists, queuing to eat delicious Swedish pizza, hanging on roof tops till late hours because it’s still warm even when the sun goes down and having canal views right outside your door step. Oh wait!, I have the latter here too, but you get my point.

Halmstad by night

I could go on listing reasons to why Swedish Summers are extra special but I’ll stop here as I don’t want to make you too jealous. Maybe there’ll be a sequel next year.

Have you ever been to Sweden? What would you like to do if you had the opportunity to go?

Jennie xx