Cielo Blanco Leeds

Trying to find that summer holiday feeling? Summer Socials at Cielo Blanco is where it’s at! Who needs a beach holiday when this rooftop bar serves tequila based cocktails in fresh coconuts?

Colourful cansCoconut cocktail

Two year’s ago (feels like yesterday), Cielo Blanco was all about the tropical margaritas but this year they’re keeping their cocktails simple and to the point. The extravaganza is in the presentation and I must say it makes such a massive difference. I’m more likely to enjoy a cocktail which also looks good, fun or out of the ordinary. When they’re paired with delicious food complimenting the flavours – even better!

Soda Can Paloma x Ceviche Tostada

Soda Can Paloma Ceviche Tostada

This cocktail is the perfect refresher after a long day at work and you need something to cool you down. It’s so simple, only Herencia Bianco Tequila, Lime and Mexico’s popular Squirt lemonade. Served in the bright and fun can it’s a delight to look at as well.

To compliment it’s paired with a colourful Ceviche Tostada with salmon, scallop and avocado in a tropical salsa. Can it get more fresh and colourful?

Soooo Pineappley x Al Pastor Pork Tacos

Soooo Pineappley Al Pastor Pork Tacos

The clue is in the name, a cocktail bursting with pineapple flavour. In fact, all three ingredients contain pineapple of some sort: Plantation Pineapple Rum, pineapple liquor and pineapple Jarritos. Served in a long glass over ice and decorated with pineapple leaves it looks very tropical. Too much pineapple can give me the tongue tickles but not this one so big plus for that.

To break off the sweetness, it’s paired with roasted pork, diced onion and coriander tacos.

Tequila Colada x Cactus & Cauliflower Quesadilla

Tequila Colada Cactus & Cauliflower Quesadilla

I love Pina Coladas. I used to make my own during the Uni days but now I only enjoy them once and again. I’ve never before had one served in a coconut, or where rum is swapped for tequila. I must say I prefer the rum version but you can’t beat the look of it served in a coconut. Tequila Colada has Herradura Bianco Tequila, horchata, coconut cream and fresh pineapple in it if you want to give it a go at home. Good luck with opening and carving the coconut for serving..

Cauliflower is the “in” vegetable right now. I’ve lately enjoyed it at Wagamama, Water Lane Boathouse and now also at Cielo Blanco. Quesadilla with chargrilled cactus, roasted cauliflower and spicy verde. Cactus is definitely a game changer but it’s actually really nice.

So now that you know where summer in Leeds is at, will you go? Have you ever been to Cielo Blanco before?

Jennie xx