Summer Hair

I swore I wouldn’t colour my hair ever again once my natural colour had fully grown out. It seems I lied but it’s ok, I like the result.

Bblonde summer hairSummer hair products

I’ve had ombré and dip dye effects in my hair before and been happy with it so when Bblonde got in touch asking if I’d want to try their products, I couldn’t say no. To not damage the full hair too much, I went for the ombré effect again, this time with a silver touch. It’s the perfect colour to brighten your hair for summer. Thankfully, I have a very talented friend helping me colour it to my description.  She’s still amazed she’s the only one I ask for help in doing these things but look at the result and you know why.

Bblonde Hair Colouring

Bblonde* sent a highlighting kit which is used as a base. Separating the hair in smaller strands, using bits of kitchen foil for each section helps a lot. This way you see how far up you go to make sure it doesn’t leave a blunt line across. Still, some sections did come out with a blocky effect so we did the same procedure once more but only on certain sections and for a shorter amount of time, to give it a more faded effect.

The following day, the silver colour was added using the same technique. This however is a toner so much more gentle on the hair. The effect of it makes my hair look a lot better and more natural. I’m super happy and even though it only lasts 8 washes it still looks good now. I’ve got some left in the bottle which I can use to top it up.

Both these products are easy to use and I am pleased to learn they don’t smell that bad either. Highlight and perm kits normally stink but this has a subtle smell. The silver toner smells really nice, and also has a lovely lavender colour to it.

Tip! Be careful with the silver colour to leave it too long on dry hair as it’ll come out slightly purple. I had a tiny bit of this but it came out in the first wash.

Summer hair left Summer hair right Summer hair front

I’m going to do my best maintaining this nice look. No doubt my whole hair will go lighter in the summer sun but that’s ok, it will make the light ends blend in even more. I’ve invested in a silver shampoo and conditioner kit to use once a week and in between I’m using John Frieda frizz free* range to keep it (like it says on the packaging) fizz free.

John Frieda Fizz Free

I was sent the shampoo, conditioner and leave in serum. First of all, they all smells amazing, like beauty products used in hair salons. Th result is good and I think the products will last me a while which great value. My hair easily frizzes, especially in humid conditions over summer, but less so using these products.

Do you change your hair up over summer? Have you tried any of the Bblonde or John Frieda ranges?

Jennie xx