Studio Balloon

If you follow me on social media, you will already know that I’m now a brand ambassador. Me and my little blog, who would have thought?! I’m happy to even be considered and very pleased to have been chosen for such a role. I’ve hoped but never thought it would happen for a hobby blogger like myself. It would have been fine if it never did, but this is amazing! Thanks to everyone who’s liked and commented on my announcement tweet, it means a lot.

Studio Balloon Brand ambassador

Photo of me taken by Victoria

I’m really excited to be working with Studio over the next six months. It’s already started, with an immersion day. Myself and the other brand ambassadors were invited to meet with the Studio team and go behind the scenes in order to get to know the brand a little bit better.

So, who is Studio? A quirky and saucy brand with a three word mantra: quality, value and choice. I must admit I didn’t know of the brand prior to working with them but I blame that on not being from the UK originally.

Studio started off as a card and stationary business, moving on to being the mail order catalogue company they’re known as. They’re very much still a mail order catalogue brand but like most, realised the opportunity in online retail so have of course expanded with a website which is now their main channel.

Some of their products do better online than in catalogue and we all have our preferences in how we like to shop – online, in store or via catalogue. You can still shop via the catalogue and I must admit, it’s a totally different feeling flicking through a catalogue than browsing online. Whichever channel you choose, they have a wide selection of products. Everything from lit up unicorn throws to tropical swimsuits.

As part of the immersion day, we visited their photography studio to see some behind the scenes work. We also spoke to buyers from the fashion and homewear departments to get an insight to how they work. 20 full-time photographers and over a million shots a year you understand how many products they sell!!! Without a physical store and previously not having bought a Studio product, it’s not until I saw and felt the products how nice they are. So much more affordable than other brands, but still on trend.

Studio Interior and Homewear Range

Walking in to the space they had especially set up for us, I noticed straight away that the living room recreation could be my living room. The grey sofa is there, a white bookcase, lots of yellow accessories and clean lines. This is when I knew Studio and I are a perfect fit for each other. I’m really excited to work with them for the next six months.

Studio Interior

I absolutely adore these chairs. They come in more colours and I’ve got my eye on the navy blue. They’re really comfy as well. I prefer a tall back rest and with the ear flaps you can even sit comfortably slightly turned in the seat. The footstool in front can also be used as storage and the lid is reversible with a wooden bottom turning it into a cute side table. So clever!

Blue chair

Studio Clothing Range

Studio both sell branded clothing like Converse and Adidas but also have their own range, which we saw glimpse of on the day. As a takeaway gift, a couple of the fashion buyers had picked out some goodies for us to take home.

We all got a snuggly dressing gown each in the softest fabric. I’m thrilled as when they first showed us the kids version I asked if it also comes in adult size and they do!! I love the colour too and they even have our names embroidered on them for a personalised touch. Studio offer personalisation on a lot of their products.

Studio Fashion

One of their best selling colours in fashion right now is coral and I love these sandals. If I had picked them out myself I would have gone for the black option but it’s summer and I need to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe.

Coral Sandals

In coming blog posts, I’ll be sharing more of my favourite Studio products with you, through various themes. Expect seasonal trends in fashion and interior here on the blog and on social. I hope you’ll stay tuned for it all. Make sure to follow the hashtag #StudioStyledMe to see what the other ambassadors get up to.

Many thanks to for a great day, lovely goodies to take home and for this brand ambassador opportunity.

What do you prefer? Mail order catalogue or website? Have you heard of Studio before, maybe even bought from them?

Jennie xx

*This post is in collaboration and sponsored by as part of my ambassador role. As always, my words and opinions are my own.