Trinity Kitchen Street Food

Trinity Kitchen. The best food court I’ve ever been to. It’s perfect for nights out with lots of people who like different foods, for weekend days when you want to grab something quick but still delicious or for times when you want to try lots of different food all in one place.

On a regular basis, six vendors change and I went to try the first line-up for 2018: Pavs Dhaba, Dapur Malaysia, Slap and Pickle, Mr D’s Magnificent Pie Machin, Christopher Gowan’s Steak Sandwiches and Wagyu Lookin’ At?. So much food for one night so I couldn’t possible try it all. The Pie Machine was unfortunately closed so I’ll have to go back and try it out. I mean, the street van screams it’s worth a try – how fun!?

Mr D’s Magnificent Pie Machin

Christopher Gowan’s Steak Sandwiches

Christopher Gowan’s Steak Sandwiches van Christopher Gowan’s Steak Sandwiches The Cuban steak sandwich

I started the evening with a steak sandwich: The Cuban from Christopher Gowan’s Steak Sandwiches. The steak is local, from Dunwood Farm in Staffordshire and it looks amazing! It tastes even better than it looks. My first impression wasn’t great, it’s simply a toast with meat, some spices and sauce, for 6.50!! Don’t let the size or price fool you, it’s definitely enough to keep you full. I didn’t go for the full meal deal (£8) which also includes skinny fries and a drink, as I knew I had more food to sample.

Speaking of fries, the following vendors both do amazing skinny fries, with all the toppings!

Slap and Pickle

Slap and Pickle stand Slap and Pickle fries

How cute is this street food van? I love the colours and look at all the flamingos – lov, love, love. The fries Slap and Pickle serve up mirrors the look of their van. The guy behind Slap and Pickle wanted to make hungover food for Vegans. Normally vegan food is all healthy but they too need a greasy meal on days after one too many drinks. These fries are topped with vegan sausages, pickles, vegetables and vegan mayo. Slightly too much topping for my liking, making the fries soggy. Something I don’t like but the sausages are delicious. I prefer vegetarian/vegan sausages over meaty ones.

Wagyu Lookin’ At?

Wagyu Lookin' At? van Wagyu Lookin' At? food

Walking a lap around Trinity Kitchen’s latest line-up, this street van’s “dirty” fries caught my eye and I knew I had to try them. I went for a full meal with fries, a burger and a beer. The fries I chose comes loaded with tender pulled pork and sauces. Sadly, I don’t get the hint of apple which the pork has been smoked in. Still, very tasty and a single of portion is enough to fill you up.

The meat is exceptionally good. for those of you who don’t know, wagyu meat is one of the finest there is. The cows have a strict, specific diet to make the meat extra tender and flavoursome. The myth has it that in Japan, the cows are massaged and fed on beer but this is apparently not true. Maybe somewhere in the world it is. anyhow, this burger is delicious! Nothing better than tucking into real beef and so light and flavoursome it’s hard to beat.

Dapur Malaysia food

I was simply too full to try a full meal from Pavs Dhaba or Dapur Malaysia. From the latter I tried the pork parcels and they’re amazing. Spicy meat in the crunchiest dumpling parcel. Their Nasi Goreng looked very fresh and delicious as well. All their recipes have been passed down from xx’s grand mother.

Have you been to Trinity Kitchen lately? Which of these food would you definitely not miss out on? Check out previous line-ups here and here.

Jennie xx

*I was invited down to Trinity Kitchen trying out the latest line-up in return for an honest review. All views are my own.