Stories Roundhay

Earlier this month, I met up with Victoria from Apartment Number 4* for a late breakfast/early brunch. I remembered coming across Stories on social media previously so when deciding where to go, I suggested this Scandinavian inspired café. You can guess why I wanted to go, ha. Despite hearing about ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’ everywhere nowadays, I only know of IKEA where I can get my dose of Scandi style in Leeds. Luckily now I can also add Stories to my list.

Stories accessories

Stories is a small café in Roundhay, near the Oakwood clock. In fact it’s right opposite from Jameson’s Tea Rooms so if you want to enjoy a long breakfast and then straight go for an enjoyable afternoon tea, this is the place to be.

Stories counter Stories paintings

I love the interior of Stories, it’s bringing minimalism to a whole new level. The long wall opposite the counter is filled with pastel couloured paintings on row, one wall filled with a painted mint green world map and on the wall next to it a couple of plants hung up but that’s it. Stories has the perfect interior design for not letting your eyes wander and distract from the delicious and fresh food served.

Stories food

Did I just mention the food here is amazing? It’s worth repeating, the food is so colourful and flavoursome. They work with minimal ingredients and keep the menu small and simple. No worries though, there are plenty of opportunities to go back and try new things. I stayed full long on my sourdough bread with salmon and a side of avocado. I loved how they made the already colourful avocado become even more energetic by simply adding a bit of chilli. I also enjoyed freshly pressed grapefruit juice and the most chocolatey hot chocolate I’ve ever had. I’m glad I picked the milk chocolate option out of dark, milk or white choclate.

If you want to get a proper feel for the ‘lagom’ lifestyle, head to Stories in Leeds. I’ll be popping in whenever I can, and next time try the poached eggs.

Jennie xx

*Check out this girls blog, so much interior inspiration!!! I’m lucky to know her outside of her blog too and she’s amazing!