Sternschanze Hamburg

The last post on Hamburg, for this time. Hamburg is made up of many smaller areas and all of them have their own charm but it was Sternschanze that I particularly liked slightly more. I haven’t seen all the other areas but spending time here I thought it was really cool. It’s a chilled area (minus the G20 protest we got caught in) with lots of fun shops and bars to enjoy.

Dr Kebab Sternschanze G20 Protest Info Point

During our visit, it was evident that this area of Hamburg is really against the G20. Everywhere we looked, shop notes, graffiti arts and other signs were telling us how unwelcome the G20 is. One of the buildings on Schulterblatt was set up as the headquarter during the G20 demonstrations. We weren’t too concerned about but continued our graffiti hunt and bar hop.

Graffiti HamburgGraffiti Sternschanze Graffiti Under the Sea Graffiti Robin Hood

On the corner of Stresemannstr. and Schanzenstr. there’s a massive second hand/retro store (PICKnWEIGHT) so if you’re in to that I can really recommend going here. I loved the fact that all the clothes, shoes, bags and interior object had all been organised by colour and pattern. A really cool way of organising giving the shop a real colour pop. Paying by weight rather than item is a cool concept as well.

PICKnWEIGHT Hamburg Vintage Shop Hamburg Red clothes

Walking down the smaller streets there are loads of cute independent shops selling everything from clothes to interior and records. I’m a sucker for independent shops over high street stores as you can find so many more quirky things and perhaps products that you don’t see in everyone’s home. I found the cites flamingo dress in one of the shops but unfortunately not in my size. I’ve tried finding it somewhere else online without any luck. Oh well, not meant to be.

Schulterblatt Hamburg Schulterblatt in Hamburg

The main street in Sternschanze is Schulterblatt and it’s full of bars with different themes. They all have outdoor seating which gave he extra holiday feel. I particularly enjoyed the bar at the bottom of the street. I don’t remember the name and I can’t find it online, sorry. It’s next to the train tracks viaduct and has dark interior with quirky detailing inside and also outdoors. We enjoyed a local beer from Ratsherrn brewery so next time I got to Hamburg, I’d like to visit their brewery and bar.

Bar on Schulterblatt Ratsherrn beer

If you go to Hamburg and want to come off the mainstream scene then Sternschanze is for you? What type of areas do you like to visit in a new city?

Jennie xx