Stepping out of my Comfort Zone with Swegway

I’m comfortable in myself and with most activities I do. However, with age, I no longer have the same courage to take on challenges that involve speed or activities where I see a risk of hurting myself physically. Go Karting is an activity like this but I took the plunge a couple of years ago and once again last week, trying swegway for the first time.

Swegway Sheffield

I’ve only seen pictures and videos of segways and they look like fun but probably nothing I’d go on myself. Swegways look better but from a security point of view they look even worse – nothing to hold on to! When I received an invite to go down to Sheffield and Swegway’s store to try out their products I was very reluctant to say yes. For some reason I did and I guess knowing two other Leeds girls joining eased me into it. On the way down, both Charlotte and Chloe seemed very excited about the event which helped med getting excited too but I still wasn’t sure I’d give the swegways a go.

Classic Swegway Gold

On arrival, the actual swegways didn’t look that intimidating, on the contrary really sleek and cool. I spotted the skull patterned first (go figure) but never went on it as it’s a lot bulkier than the other models. The Swegway Grande has bigger wheels to dampen the impact when going over a kerb. Going up or down a kerb??!! I would never use a swegway outside, let alone in traffic. Potentially on slower paths like along the Leeds Canal but then again no as I’d most likely fall in.

Swegway Lesson

Look at me talking as if I could actually drive one of these. I gave it a go for a couple of minutes and I’m really glad I did as it turned out, I’m not that bad at it. Charlotte gave it a go first and she had problems keeping her balance and letting go of the insructor and stand up on her own. I thought I’d never be able to do it if Charlotte couldn’t. Charlotte’s very sporty and fit so she’s a natural at most activities. A part of me was reluctant to try it myself and another really excited as it looked like so much fun!

Trying Classic SwegwayMastering Classic Swegway

I ended up giving the Classic Swegway a go and realised it was a bit tricky to get the hang of. I managed to stand on the swegway with some assistance and I also managed to move forward, albeit very slowly. I thought my legs and feet were going to snap as I tensed them so much, too much to actually move forward properly. The second and third go was a lot easier and it clicked for me that loosening up was the key to moving forward. I managed to get on and off the swegway on my own as well which is an achievement on its own. The first time I gave it a go on my own it kept moving round in a circular motion. They’re a bit scary if you don’t have control but with even pressure across the foot, it kept still.

Swegkart Race


Charlotte took revenge in the swegkart race. I love that they’ve turned some of the swegways into little cars so you can sit and drive. It was a bit tricky getting the hang on left and right breaks to steer it in the right direction but that wasn’t my biggest problem. The main issue I had was when trying to make it stop. I used my feet (massive mistake) which didn’t help at all. I don’t think I had the last time on the three laps around the course but Charlotte came second which was fab!

We had so much fun at this event. Blogger events are always fun but I can’t remember laughing so much and hard at another event like this one. Thank you to the Swegway team who did really well for organising this and for the invite. If you like the idea of giving swegways a go or purchasing your own, check out their full range online or visit their Sheffield shop in Forum.

I’m hoping after this event that I’ll remmeber it’s ok to be a bit scared and stay on the safe side but that you learn so much abou yourself taking the leap and trying new things that you might not otherwise get a chance to.

Jennie xx


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