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Stay organised with TOAD Diaries

I’ve been meaning to get organised when it comes to blogging for a long time. I’ve finally decided to keep on top of things and not just post when I feel like it to then disregard the blog for days or even weeks. I’ve decided to plan ahead for the posts I write and stick to certain days for them to go live. There will be 2 posts going live each week, and sometimes 3 depending on where the topic suits best. The best way I could think of to accomplish this was to invest in a diary.

TOAD Diaries concept

There are multiple diaries out there to choose from and sometimes being spoilt for choice is a tough call. I love colours and stickers as the help me with my organising skills but the diaries that offer this are far too expensive, maybe next time. I was happy to learn that TOAD Diaries offer personal diaries to a decent price, starting at £13 and up depending on what size and layout you’re looking for. By the way, did you know that TOAD in this case stands for TodayOrAnyDay. It really captures their promise: you decide which date the diary should start from and how long it should last for. I think that’s perfect and one of the reasons why I chose this diary.

TOAD Diaries design

Although there is a wide variety of designs to chose between I found it difficult to find one that captures me and my blog. I ended up opting for my front cover to be plain and in black but when I received it I didn’t expect it to be patterned so I was a bit disappointed.

Black TOAD diary

What I do like is that you get to personalise the text you would like on the front. I of course named it after my blog as that’s what I’ll be using it for. It would have been cool if you could upload your own image or logo to use or at least if the text was available in different colours.

The most important bit is the actual layout of the pages, that’s where all the organising will happen. I chose a diary in A5 size to be able to fit all my thoughts and doodles. One side displays the week and the other side is lined. This way I can keep track of the days when my posts will go live, events or other exciting things happening to write about and on the lined page I’ve got room to write to-do lists, thoughts on coming posts, etc.

Weekly TOAD diary

Toad origami

Playing on the name of the brand you also get a card and the instruction of how to make this into a toad. It looks a lot more simple than it is so I had to cheat and watch how to do it on YouTube. Thanks to that it only took me a couple of minutes and now I’ve got a new fan of my blog: Teddy the toad.

TOAD Diaries origami tutorial TOAD Diaries toad

I can truly recommend TOAD diaries if you need a simple diary but you want the layout of the pages in a certain way. There are multiple choices and I got the perfect one that suits my organisation style.

How do you stay organised and plan for your blog? All tips and tricks are welcome!

Jennie xx

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