Spring Wishlist

Happy Tuesday! Do you feel like spring is taking forever showing its face? I do! The snow that came out of nowhere the last couple of weeks was so pretty but the havoc it causes and the timing of it did not suit me. On Sunday, I cleaned my flat and even spring cleaned the fridge. All this whilst having the balcony door wide open. The sun was shining in and fresh spring air came through. As it starts to get warmer and giving spring hints, I start thinking what new things I can get. Turns out, there’s quite a lot of things on my spring wishlist.

Spring wishlist collage

1. Chinos

I haven’t worn a pair of chinos in a very long time. I used to own quite a few pairs in my mid 20s and now I’m ready to invest in a pair again. Of course black, cause who am I if I get another colour? Black goes with everything!!! I love how chinos look a bit more dressy than a pair of jeans, but at the same time more comfortable and less warm on spring and summer days. These are from Asos for £22.

2. Lemon Gin

You might remember me trying a new vodka, with a taste of lemon. Well, I love it but I prefer gin and found this gorgeous bottle on Amazon (£28.57). I think I’m going to buy it. Warm spring days lapping sun on the balcony whilst sipping on a lemon gin cocktail – yes, yes, yes!

3. Denim Jacket

I still haven’t found a denim jacket that fits me really well. The idea of a blue one is nice but I know I will get bored so black it is. I currently have my pins on my back pack but wouldn’t mind adding a couple to a jacket to make it mine. This jacket looks very plain but for £25 I think it’ll be worth. I shall have a look this weekend to see if Zara has it in store.

4. Three Wise Skeleton

I love skulls! More than I do flamingos, sorry. I spotted these three wise skeletons on Facebook the other day. They’re from a local shop in Horsforth: The Cave UK. I really want to go but if I do, I’d end up with more things than these skeletons and my budget can’t afford that!

5. Rug

I don’t like carpets but rugs I’m ok with. The area around my sofa and coffee table is missing something and I think it’s a rug it needs. I should probably go with a bit of colour but I really like monochrome and stripes. This rug isn’t too bad of a price either (£15), of course from IKEA.

6. Tassel Earrings

You didn’t think I’d put together a wishlist without a pair of tassel earrings did you? Those of you who see me regularly, and follow me here and on Instagram will know that I love a good pair of tassel earrings. I have four pairs already and would like to expand the collection with this pair from Accessories (£6). A smaller version compared to others I own.

7. Bedding

I love a nice bed set. I’m spoilt rotten with my white set from Rooi and although I don’t think these from ASDA will be as comfortable, they look lovely and very spring like. I like the pattern and colour combination – perfect fit for my bedroom.

8. Throw

As well as the bedding, I’d like a matching throw to have on my bed. I currently have a plain grey one and I think I could use both of them together. This folded up at the bottom of the bed perhaps to include more textures and colour to the bed and bedroom. The bedding is £12 and throw £20.

9. Lemon Tree

As you might have figured already, I love the colour yellow and I love lemons. Of course I want a lemon tree. One that I can keep on my balcony or bring inside if it goes too cold outside. Do you own a citrus tree of any kind? All the tips on where to get the best ones are more than welcome. This is £9.95 from Gardening Express. (Cheaper than I thought).

10. Plant Mister

I have a few plants around the flat, I’d like more, and sometimes I feel watering them isn’t the best option. Sometimes all they need is a little water shower. I find the plants thrive when I’ve given them a shower and kept them in the bathtub during a week away. Hopefully investing in a plant mister, I can give them smaller showers but more often. Also the design of this will let me keep it out and about rather than tucked away and I’ll forget about taking care of my plants. I love this rose gold mister, £22.99 from Amazon.

11. Sandals

Last but not least, I want to give my feet some air this spring. Again, I fell for the monochrome design and knowing how comfortable River Island’s shoes normally are, I think I’ll be fine walking in this sandal heel. Wouldn’t they look great with a pair of chinos and a denim jacket?

Do you also feel like spring is a time to get new fresh things? What’s on your spring wishlist?

Jennie xx