Scarborough beach

We took a day trip to the seaside and enjoyed spring in Scarborough. It takes around an hour, and hour and a half to get there by car from Hull. We made a few stops along the way so I’m not sure of the exact time.

Anyway, it was a great day with lots of sunshine. As you expect, the wind is always present at the seaside and so also on this day.  It was so windy the sand reached eye height a few times and it was unbearable to stand close by the sea on the pier as water was splashing up. Even so it was lovely because at least the wind was warm. If there is any better sign of spring, tell me now.

Scarborough Views

Scarborough isn’t really a gorgeous place, or maybe it is if you disregard the main road down by the water. The shops and arcades are all horrible and it’s a shame it look exactly like any other seaside place, a tourist hole. Apart from that Scarborough is stunning with its views from high up as well as facing the sea.

View over Scarborough beach and harbour Building on top of hill Selfie in Scarborough

The Seaside

I love the seaside. Growing up on the coast it’s only natural for me to get extra happy when I’m close to the sea. It might be because I can’t take it for granted any more living far away from it. With it being a hot day I was able to take my shoes off and feel the warm sand underneath my feet. I even went out to feel the water a few times. It was ice cold each time and I would not consider going for a swimming but how liberating it is to splash around and walk barefoot on the beach.

Scarborough beach Bare feet in water Feet covered by water

Scarborough Harbour

The harbour isn’t big but there are plenty of fishing boats around. None of them out at sea but I wouldn’t have dared in the windy weather either. We bought ice cream and enjoyed a sit down watching the boats and people embracing the sunshine wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Fishing boats in Scarborough harbour Fishing boats in Scarborugh

On our way home the sun was still shining on it’s way down and created lovely picture opportunities. Sun sets are gorgeous!!!

Sunset from car window

Spring is on it’s way and I got a taste for summer already! Have you been to Scarborough recently?

Jennie xx