Sober Hero

I did it! I stayed away from alcohol for a whole month. Last minute in  September I signed up to do Sober October and now it’s over, my banish from alcohol.  I didn’t think it would be that hard as it’s very rare that I go out on big night’s out anymore. At first I thought I’d have to turn down invites to smaller events and get togethers that I normally attend but it turns out, I didn’t. Also, I decided not to drink alcohol for a month, not to stop having fun. I didn’t stand the test until I was in environments where alcohol is consumed on a regular basis. Here’s what happened in Octobers where I would normally have enjoyed a drink or two.

Bloggers Blog Awards

The first weekend of October saw the Bloggers Blog Awards being hosted in Leeds. It was only the second year running but my first year attending.

Hayley from Tea Party Beauty did an amazing job organising for so many bloggers to take part in this event. For those who weren’t nominated or won in their category, there was a massive raffle with more chances to walk home a lucky winner. I failed at that too but it’s taking part that matters and when the money goes to a good cause, I’m more than happy to join in. Massive congratulations again to everyone who were nominated, won and got to enjoy goodies from the raffle.

Blogger Blog Awards Bloggers Blog Awards

Women’s Running 10K

I did the WR10K in Temple Newsam on a sunny Sunday morning. Now you’re probably thinking, why would I normally drink during a 10k run??? I wouldn’t but coming home afterwards, felling all good about yourself, it’s so nice putting your feet up and enjoy a cold drink to celebrate the great achievement you’ve accomplished. I did just that this time around too, just without the alcohol. If you want to know how the 10k race went, it’s all summed up here.

Restaurant visits

I’ve been out for meals a few times this month but I’ve been good holding off from having a glass of beer or cocktail to go along with the meals. In fact, I’ve learnt that mocktails are sometimes equally as nice tasting. I can really recommend the mocktails at Jamie’s Italian. The one at Gusto in Cookridge was really nice too and at home, a bit of elderflower cordial and ice cold water tasted heavenly. Not to talk about the food, it was amazing and would have gone down extra well with a glass of red but water had to do.

Free Drink Fridays

Every Friday at work, we end the day with a free drink of choice – beer or wine. I usually grab a beer from the fridge before going home as it’s a nice treat finishing off a hard week’s work. For the last four weeks, I’ve avoided going to the room where the drinks are, no need to look at what I can’t have.

Leeds Light Night

Like every year, Leeds Light Night happened and I think this is the first year when I actually took the time to research and decide beforehand what I wanted to see. The couple of times I’ve been before, I’ve enjoyed food and drinks at Millennium Square and not seen much else going on but this year was different. My friends did bring their own drinks to enjoy but I was fine without it. Besides, I was the one not having to wake up with a headache the day after.

Leeds Light Night Leeds Light Night

Blogger events

Usually at blogger events, a welcoming drink (most likely a glass of prossecco) is served on arrival. I love prosecco so on these occasions I’ve struggled the most. Arriving straight after work and being greeted to a nice chilled glass of bubbly is hard to say no to. It was worst at Tili’s Launch Party as it was the first time I had to turn it down. At The Body Shop’s Wild About Leeds Preview Event I was lucky to first hear the alcohol free option and abrubted the lady with a yes before even hearing what I’d be missing out on. Smiggle’s Xmas Party was held early Sunday morning so no alchol to turn down (perfect for me). Last event of the month was the My Showcase Event where the prosecco was topped up all evening. I could have easily said yes to one glas at least but I got treated to a diet coke and managed well on that. More on all these events in upcoming posts.

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween hasn’t been the same since FAB Cafe in Leeds closed down. They did a spokktacular job at hosting fancy dress parties. This year was a really slow Halloween which I don’t mind. Unfortunately, I had to turn down an invite to try out Turtle Bay’s spooktacular Halloween cocktails. They looked amazing and so does these that Emma from Emma Plus Three made. Oh well, there’s always next year. I really wanted the skull jars from the last cocktail but they’ve sold out at my local Wilko. I could use them all year around!

Sober October has confirmed I don’t need alcohol to have fun. I knew that already so this months events has only confirmed it. I know I can stay away from it if I have to but to be honest, I don’t want to. I like to think a glass of prosecco (or more) is a nice treat when attending events or when celebrating achievements. There’s nothing better than a cold beer to finish off a week of hard work  and a gin & tonic never need a reason to be drunk, apart from that it tastes nice.

Have you ever given up drinking for a month? If not, would you?

Jennie xx