Yellow Marigold

One of my favourite spaces in my flat is my balcony. I didn’t mention it in a previous post as it wasn’t finished at that time. I finally did it! The balcony is sorted and ready for the summer. I only added a couple of plants and seeds but it’s made all the difference. Take a look if you want some balcony garden inspiration and especially if you own a small balcony like myself.

Balcony garden

I have a very small balcony, it more or less only fits a table and two small chairs. I bought them when I moved in two years ago. It was a brown wooden set which I painted white and added black cushions to. I was planning to invest in a small wooden pallet and paint white to add plants in but soon realised that my balcony isn’t big enough to fit one. Instead I looked for plant ladders and found this for cheap on Amazon. I wanted something with height to overcome the small space I have. With this plant ladder, I can fit more plants on the balcony leaving room to walk between the ladder and the chairs.

The photos used on the site were so bright so I was convinced it was white (stupidly didn’t check the description) but it turned up in dark grey. I was so disappointed but I still had white paint left since the table set transformation and after half a days work, I have the plant ladder I originally pictured. You can see the transformation in this tweet.

Yellow Marigold White Geranium Kitchen Garden

I’m actually happy I got this ladder instead of a pallet as this is super easy to fold up but it also fits indoors. When the weather goes cold I plan to bring it inside with the plants and herbs so they won’t die. It’ll fit perfectly next to the balcony door so they’ll still get the sunlight they need.

Even though the ladder has four shelves, it fills up quickly. I took a trip to B&Q to invest in some outdoor plants and pots to be able to sow my chilli seeds. The middle shelf also has a kitchen garden which also is from Amazon. Only £5 for the whole thing. Super easy instructions on how to plant the seeds and already after a weeks time I can see green sprouts. I’m really excited for them and I hope that the chillies will start to show soon as well.

White Plant Ladder

My avocado plant is staying inside for now as I’m still waiting on its sprout to grow 6 inches tall before I can plant it in a pot. Once I’ve done that, it’ll join this crew outside. The crew being a yellow marigold, a grey ivy, a white geranium and the herbs are chillies, lemon basil, Italian parsley, sweet marjoram and Greek oregano.

If you’ve got any tips on how to speed up an avocado and chillies growth, do let me know! Have you got a garden our a small balcony like me? Do you grow your own herbs? What do you think to my balcony garden?

Jennie xx