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If I ever would move cities it would be to Manchester. I love its industrial architecture, especially in the Northern Quarter. Here you find so many more quirky places than what Leeds is currently offering. I also like Manchester’s shopping experience more than in Leeds so I was really excited to be invited to Premier Inn’s #sleepwellshopwell event over the weekend.

All together, there were around 20 fashion and lifestyle bloggers invited and although the list of attendees first made me a bit nervous (I’m nowhere near that fashionable!!!) I was really intrigued to finally get to meet some of the girls behind the blogs I read.

Premier Inn Manchester

As part of the event we got a free night’s stay in Premier Inn Piccadilly in Manchester. I have never stayed in a Premier Inn before but I can already say I hope I will again. I don’t know why people wouldn’t always stay in theirs when they go away for the weekend. It’s really affordable and the standard is top notch, something I assume they keep all across the country.

Premier Inn Piccadilly

Premier Inn Piccadilly might not have the most gorgeous location in the city but it’s definitely easily accessible from the station (2 minute walk) as well as from the Northern Quarter and the high street so if it’s only a short Manchester city break you’re after, this location is perfect!

The Premier Inn Room

I only had about 15 minutes on arrival before heading out for a massive food feast (more about that in an another post) but I loved the room right from the start. Coming back from the restaurant I only went for one more drink as I wanted to take advantage and spend as much time as possible in the bed.

Premier Inn double room

I had a double room on the first floor. It’s big enough for two but I was really pleased to enjoy it all to myself. The room had all the facilities you would expect; double bed, desk, wardrobe, TV, hair dryer, sofa, the availability to make yourself a cup of coffee/tea and of course a bathroom. I wish i could say the view was stunning as well but not so much. It doesn’t really matter as that’s not the reason I was there for.

Premier Inn Piccadilly view

The Bed

The bed was massive and also very high. Being short, as I am, I was just about able to sit on it without having to climb up. I was really tempted to jump in the bed (I mean that’s what hotel beds are for, right?) but I never got the chance. It was pure heaven to sleep in the bed, so comfortable I only woke once. Normally I wake up a few times tossing and turning but in this beauty only once, to open the window as I was too hot. Premier Inn’s slogan is “A Great Night’s Sleep Guaranteed” and I know now there is no lie behind that.

Premier Inn double bed

Moomin pyjamas bottoms – Primark | Black t-shirt – Primark

The Bathroom

I’ve never seen such a fresh bathroom in my life, it was like it’s never been used. I’m not too fussy with bathrooms, I can deal with a few faults as long as they are clean. This however is definitely a cleaning freak’s heaven, completely spotless! The only thing I would improve is the shower. I prefer a detachable shower head but at the end of the morning I came out clean so I didn’t kick up a fuss.

Premier Inn bathroom

Premier Inn Breakfast

We had plenty of time to get ready and enjoy breakfast in the morning before check-out at 12.30pm. I on the other hand was up at half seven to enjoy a long snooze in the comfy bed before getting ready and once again stuff my face.

Premier Inn offer a full English breakfast with the essentials, and also a continental breakfast which in some hotels you can choose separately. We obviously went for the full breakfast and I stocked up with a bit of everything getting ready for some serious shopping. Those of you who know me and follow me on Instagram know I love a bit of yoghurt and fruit salad. It’s not the best hotel breakfast I’ve had but it taste and feel like home made which is nice.

Premier Inn breakfast

Although we could have enjoyed the bed longer some of us were eager to hit the shops whilst it was still early to avoid most of the rush. More about this in next post, so stay tuned.

After spending a night at the Premier Inn I got even more excited about getting my own place next year. It’s so nice having the bathroom on the same floor as the bedroom and not having to go to it fully dressed. If I could afford it, one option would have been to rent a room at the Premier Inn, ha.

Have you stayed in a Premier Inn? What did you think?

Jennie xx