Lying on Leesa Mattress

I like to sleep. Actually, love is a better word to use. I actually think that I should have added it as an activity in my previous post about what I like to spend my time on.

When I was little I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to bed. I was scared of missing out on things if I went to sleep. Getting older and I appreciate it so much more. Is there anything better than going to bed when you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open? Or when it’s cold and you just want to be snuggled up under new clean and fresh bedding? How can you not love it! I love sleep and I can sleep anywhere.

I’ve never had a problem going to sleep. On a bus, flight, during lunch break head down on a desk if I have to. But the most comfortable sleep happens in my own bed. Since a month back I’ve been sleeping even better thanks to Leesa*. When I moved into this flat just over two years ago, all I could afford was a £40 mattress from GumTree. Together with a mattress topper from Ikea, I’ve been able to have many good nights sleep, or so I thought. Already on the first night of owning a Leesa foam mattress I realised that I’ve been missing out. It’s so comfortable! No more waking up with body aches – whoop! I’ve upped many good nights sleeps to many great and fantastic nights sleep.

Leesa Mattress Leesa mattress logo

Leesa Mattress Packaging

When the Leesa mattress first arrived I couldn’t believe the box was holding a full double bed mattress. It’s cleverly rolled up and folded in half, all vacuum packed. So easy to unpack and put on the bed as well. Simply unpack, put on the bed frame, take away ALL the plastic and wait for it to expand. The expansion went quicker than I thought, matter of seconds, but it’s advised to leave a couple of hours before sleeping on it for the first time.

Leesa Mattress rolled Leesa Mattress foldedLeesa Mattress packaging

What I think of the Leesa Mattress

I’ve owned this mattress for a month now and already after a day it looked perfect but a full month in and I’ve properly got used to it. The first couple of nights I thought it was really hot going to bed. It could have been the heatwave but I did feel like the mattress itself was warm. I prefer going to bed on a cold surface and slowly warm it up with my body heat. Either the mattress has changed over time or I have gotten used to it but I never wake up hot anymore, I’m at a good temperature all night long. Compared to my previous mattress and once before that, this doesn’t sink. I have often woken up in the middle of a bed as gravity takes me there but the Leesa mattress stays firm. No uncomfortable springs popping up or like I mentioned earlier, no aching body parts waking up.

Sitting on Leesa Mattress Lying on Leesa Mattress

How Leesa Mattress differs from others

The Leesa Mattress is different to other mattresses as it has a 3 layer design;

  1. The top layer is a 5 cm thick cooling foam for enough bounce and to keep a regular airflow all night through
  2. The middle layer is another 5 cm thick memory foam which creates pressure relief on the body
  3. The last layer  is a 15 cm thick base foam to give support for anyone in any size, without feeling stiff

All layers are nicely packed in their signature 4 striped mattress cover which is super soft and really stylish. I love the fresh grey colour and how the texture reminds me of very thin joggers.

The mattresses are all made in the UK and come in UK and EU sizes so there’s one for everyone. It might seem like a hefty investment (price starts at £399) but you get a 100 nights trial and 10 year guarantee should you not be happy. I can’t see anyone not being happy but still a good deal. We spend so much time in bed so why not be comfortable sleeping it away? An extra bonus: for every 10 mattresses sold, Leesa donates 1 to people who can’t afford their own bed. I gave away my old one and I feel so much better for it, rather than dumping it at the tip.

Leesa has kindly given you £100 off your purchase of a mattress so if you fancy one, click here** and use the LIFESTYLEDBYJENNIE code at the checkout.

How do you sleep at night? Do you have a favourite sleeping position, mattress or bedding?

Jennie xx

*This post is written in collaboration with Leesa. All words, photos and views are as always my own.

**Affiliate link.