Work Desk

It’s September, a month which to me resembles the beginning of the end. It’s sad isn’t it but I love summer so much and I’m desperately clinging on to it. Today is the first day of autumn and I’m so happy it’s a sunny and crisp day, makes it a lot easier to cope. September is so close to Christmas which means that the year is almost over. For some, September means a new beginning and I’m going to try my hardest to see it like that this year.

September is when the schools start again and people are coming back from holidays getting stuck into work again. I actually went on holiday just last week, to sweet Paris, but I’m back and ready to take on all the to dos. I’m going to make September my new start with the blog. I have mentioned in a previous post that I should probably get myself a desk and a work space where all my blogging and bullet journaling can happen. Thanks to Studio and the August theme (yes I know I’m late) – back to work – it’s happened. I’ve now got my own work desk and blog space set up in my bedroom.

Work Desk

White Home Office Desk

I really like this desk. It has everything I need, without it looking bulky or take up too much space. I mean look at it, it fits perfectly on this wall, as if it’s meant to be! Two shelves and a desk area with a draw and storage compartment fits everything I need. I’m aiming to keep it this clean all the time. I don’t need clutter as it’ll take away from me focusing on what this work space is for – blogging.

Desk from StudioSimple Work Desk Setup

I was sad the desk is only available in light brown though, and not white which I prefer. But, I love myself a good paint and DIY job so once again transformed a piece of furniture and made it my own. I went for a glossy paint finish in the hopes it’ll be easier to clean. The frame has an industrial feel to it and being black there’s no need but to keep it in its original style. I have ordered a yellow chair to go with the desk, to make the space an room pop. All other furniture in my bedroom are white and bed throw and lamp grey so a bit of colour is in need.

Work Desk Decor

Aside from my laptop and bullet journal I’ve decorated the desk with an inspiring quote (The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams) and a photo frame with a photo from one of my biggest achievement in life – the British Citizenship Ceremony. I like inspirational quotes to keep me motivated but also looking at things I’ve already accomplished. It helps me remember that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and if I want something done, just do it!

Work Desk Decor Desk DecorPhoto FrameColoured Pencils

I’ve also given the shelf some life with an ivy and a burning candle for these cold evenings we seem to be getting more of. It’s mojito scented and gives off a lovely refreshing smell. I love that the candle holder is an old wine bottle, upycling at its best. Can’t start September without some new stationery, finally making use of my personalised coloured pencils in my bullet journal. have a lot of products to get you back in the September swing of things, be it stationery or cosy knitwear. Use this code – 089 – and you’ll get free delivery off your first order.

Have you got a home office where you get your work done? What do you think to my work desk setup?

Jennie xx

*This post is in collaboration with Studio as part of my ambassador role. All photos, words and views are as always my own.