Scandinavian TV Series - Bron

With the darkness comes the best TV series. At this time of year I love snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket and binge watch series like Killing Eve, Bodyguard and Cry. I think it might be the best thing about autumn, all the good TV. If drama series like these are your forte and you don’t mind female leads or subtitles, I can really recommend to watch the following Scandinavian TV series. Scandinavians have a deep love for dark dramas which all these promise. Almost all of them have been shown on UK television so shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of.

Scandinavian TV Series - Bron

The Bridge (Bron/Broen)

I don’t think anyone can have missed this Swedish/Danish production as it’s shown on BBC. The fourth and last season came out earlier this year and is still available on BBC iPlayer. If you for some reason have managed to miss this series, please dedicate some time and give it a watch. Saga is one of my favourite characters of all time.

A murder has occurred at the middle of the bridge connecting Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen which leads to Swedish and Danish police having to cooperate solving the case. Saga might not be the easiest to work with but she’s brilliant at what she does. Given time, you can’t but love her.

If you’ve watched Killing Eve, you’ll recognise a familiar face in the first two seasons. Also, the series is so popular in England that Hans Rosengren was asked to write an English original. You might have heard of Marcella? Another good series to catch up on if you haven’t already.

Before We Die (Innan Vi Dör)

A Swedish criminal drama series that started to air last year in Sweden, now available on Channel 4 in the UK. Hanna is brought in to handle a mysterious informant case after her colleague and lover goes missing. Her son has recently been released from prison and they don’t really see eye to eye as she’s the one who got him placed in prison in the first place.

Scandinavian TV Series - Innan Vi Dör

Follow The Money (Bedrag)

Danish TV series. The Danes have always been great at writing intriguing films and TV series. In fact, one of my favourite films ever is Danish – After The Wedding (Efter Bryllupet). You can give that a watch as well whilst your at it. Follow The Money is about a police investigation looking into the suspicious activities going on in a company called Evergreen. We also get to know a woman working there, in the legal department, who comes across something she perhaps shouldn’t and another young man gets himself into trouble which leads to a far bigger conspiracy he could have imagined.


Jordskott is a little bit different to the above as it has a massive supernatural twist to it so if you’re in to that, this is for you. Two seasons so far, both available on ITV. Eva, a detective returns to her hometown where her daughter went missing. Another girl goes missing and Eva hopes to find a connection to find out what’s happened to her own daughter.

The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

I believe The Killing is the first Danish criminal drama to reach the UK and from there it has spiraled. Danish police office Sarah Lund is excited about her last day at work before moving to Sweden but a teenage girls has been found dead in a field. in 20 days, Sarah seeks to solve the case which leads to high up positions in Denmark.

There’s also an American version but please watch the Danish original series. Joel Kinnaman might be one of the hottest guys in Hollywood but they’ve changed the storyline too much. No I didn’t like the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo either. Only Daniel Craig. To be fair, the Swedish film isn’t as good as the books either.


Speaking of the danish parliament, Borgen is probably my favourite Danish TV series. A political drama following Birgitte Nyborg’s journey to the post as prime minister. As the first female prime minister she discovers a wave of political struggles. Look out for a familiar face in the last season. Do you remember Monarch of the Glen? Yes, gorgeous Alastair Mackenzie has a small part in Borgen which definitely is worth the watch.

Scandinavian TV Series - Borgen

Blue Eyes (Blå Ögon)

Another political drama but this one takes place in Sweden. Two female lead parties take on the rise of a far right party which is gaining lots of sympathy. The writer got inspiration from the Swedish election back in 2014 where The Swedish Democrats gained a lot of votes. They did again in this year’s election so still a relevant TV series to watch. Expect politics, extremism and violence.

Brotherhood (Tusenbröder)

I’m finishing off with an older TV series which I loved. Hoffa, played by Ola Rapace (Naomi Rapace ex husband) wants a normal life but still live well. He starts a painting company together with his two childhood friends. The business isn’t doing to well so robbing a bank seems like good idea.. I still haven’t seen the last episode of the first season as I was backpacking the world at the time so my mum had to let me know how it ended over the phone. I need to watch the second two seasons as well.

Have you watched any of these Scandinavian TV series? Have I inspired you to give any of them a go?

Jennie xx