As I mentioned in my previous post, one part of the #sleepwellshopwell event was to do some shopping. Megan from ‘pages by megan’ has written a guide on the best vintage shops in Manchester and I was eager to visit them all. I’m surprised I’ve never been to them during previous visits in Manchester when I’ve walked past but I’ll remember them for next time. This post is all about my Saturday shopping in Manchester.

Manchester Vintage Shopping

After we had collected our Arndale shopping vouchers and maps of the best vintage shops MariaJess and I were ready to head out. We started with the vintage scene as it was on our way to Arndale from the hotel. It was nice being out fairly early so that we had a chance to explore the stores, beating the rush. Luckily most vintage shops are on the same street so they were all easy to find.


This is by far my favourite, heaven for a vintage fan. The décor is amazing from start to finish. They have really thought about the details and made the whole experience so much more fun – very Instagramable! At first it didn’t feel like they had much stock but then we walked downstairs we realised how massive the shop is.

Cow vintage Manchester

I liked how it was so organised and clean if you prefer that word. The problem was, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular which meant I never took my time to look through everything. That would in fact have taken the whole day. If you are looking for something special I’m sure this is the place where you will find it, and also some hidden treasures.

Pop Boutique

As you know from my vintage post we have this shop in Leeds too but the Manchester shop is a bit bigger and it feel more retro as well. You can feel the 70’s vibe as soon as you step in through the door (come and worship).

Pop Boutique Manchester

The upstairs area is fairly small with a mix of clothes and accessories. They do have a barber shop at the back. Downstairs is bigger with a section of interior as well, something the Leeds branch lack. If I already had my own place and owned a car I would have bought this table, love it!

Afflecks Palace

This place is overwhelming to say the least! Several floors full of different shops which to an untrained eye can be difficult to spot where they start and finish as there aren’t any clear boarders. I would say this is the Mekka for people who love fancy dress and all sorts of odd, small things. I felt very lost most of the time and it was like walking through a time machine finding our way out, every shop having a different theme.

One of the shops in here is called ThunderEgg (fun name for a shop) and they sell, amongst other things, clothes from ‘Noisy may’. As soon as I spotted the jacket covered in skull outlines I knew it would be mine. The pattern and model is very me so I only tried it on to make sure the size would fit before buying.

High Street Shopping in Arndale Centre

The Arndale Centre is massive. We’re impressed with Trinity in Leeds but it’s got nothing on this. It doesn’t have many more stores we can’t find in Leeds, it’s just the size of the shops and the space between that makes it so impressive. It has a food market, food court, restaurants attached to it as well so you can just imagine how big it is. No need to blabber on as I’m sure most of you reading this have been once or twice already.

River Island

River Island is one of my favourite shops so when we were given a voucher to spend in Arndale I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I rarely buy clothes at River Island, mostly I go there for accessories, bags and shoes. On this day I came out with a lovely handbag and a t-shirt which was on sale and I got knocked down even further.  I have a River Island favourites post planned for the future.

Shopping in Manchester

Tea 4/2

Before heading back to sunny Leeds, Maria and I enjoyed a “fika” break at Tea 4/2. They had the most impressive cakes on display in the window. Inside it felt more like a cocktail bar rather than a tearoom and the tea names also reflected this. I tried a red tea called ‘Pornstar Mar-Tea-Ni’.  It was very sweet so I had to drink it with milk. The cakes we ordered, lemon drizzle and chocolate brownie, both came with two pieces so that we could easily share.

Tea 4/2 cakes

Nowadays I never spend long time shopping in town. I either buy everything online or only go in when I’m in need of something, never browse. This morning however was really nice and I came home with some really nice things – all happy!

Which is your favourite Manchester shop? You can check out Megan’s guide here with some more “secret” shops to visit.

Jennie xx