National Sandwich Week

Next week marks the annual National Sandwich Week and as I’m a bread lover I only thought it appropriate I’d share some of my favourite sandwiches with you. I’m proud to say I don’t eat as much bread as I have in the past but now and again, a sandwich is too good to turn down. If they have lots of nice fillings I don’t find them as bad for me as if I’d eat a whole pack of toasts (totally could!).

Ciabatta with Salami & Brie

This is the perfect picnic sandwich for a warm spring or summer day. I love cheese and cheese is great as a sandwich filler. Especially combined with salami and fresh vegetables. It works on other bred as well, of course but ciabatta is a winner. Here I used smoked salami but pepper salami is a nice alternative.

Ciabatta with brie and salami

Bagel with Bacon & Avocado

A morning bacon bagel can never go wrong. I could leave it like that with a bit of ketchup (perfect hangover cure) but on a bed of crushed avocado and topped with a couple of drops of chilli sauce – mmm! It’s so much better adding the avocado and chilli sauce, and essentially a whole different sandwich.

Bacon and avocado bagel

Toast with Crisps

Until moving to England, I’d never thought of crisps being a sandwich filler. I love both but never seen them as something to combine. With lots of Lattice Seabrook Crisps* stocked up, I thought I’d give it a go and you know what, it works! Here I’ve kept it simple letting the crisps do all the talking but I’m tempted to try it with bacon and a dipping sauce to make it even more interesting.

Crisps sandwichSeabrook Lattice Cheese & Onion crisps

Out of Natural Sea Salt, Sea Salt & black Pepper and Cheese & Onion the latter works best in a sandwich and the other two as side compliments.

Bagel with Salmon & Avocado

This is my all time favourite sandwich. I’m and avid fish lover and smoked salmon might be the best of them all. Combined with cream cheese and fresh avocado this bagel is to die for. So easy to prepared as everything is cold. You only need to pop the bagel in the toaster (in the oven for me) for a nice crisp texture and you’re good to go.

Salmon and avocado bagel

What’s your all-time favourite sandwich? What’s your standpoint on crisps as a sandwich filler? Do let me know if you have any recommendations on how to mix up a crisp sandwich.

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own