iPhone with Spotify list

I’ve been really bad lately with my running. With the holiday to Sweden, having a tattoo done on my leg and getting a cold I had a really long break from it but NOW I’M BACK! I thought it was appropriate to create a short playlist to keep me going. I’ve named it “Run Jennie, Run” but I don’t think I have to explain why 😉

iPhone with Spotify

Running Playlist

Geronimo – Sheppard

A new song to my favourites. I have heard it plenty of times before but it was re-introduced to me over the weekend. This one hit wonder makes me smile so I think it’s a great song to start me off.

Immortals – Fall Out Boy

Another fairly new song added to my favourites. I loved it after hearing it in ‘Big Hero 6’ and I guess the title will keep me thinking I can be immortal too when it comes to running.

This is my Life – Euroband

My favourite Eurovision song of all time. Euphoria is the only one that could knock it down but not on this list. “This is my Life” is a great upbeat running song. Nothing better than a bit of techno.

Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

When I think about running this song always springs to mind. I don’t particularly care for Iron Maiden otherwise but this song is a given on my running list.

Spring Ricco – Florence Valentin

The only song in Swedish on this list. Plenty of Swedish artist on the other hand. Anyway, again a song with running in the title. I shall run just like Ricco but for other reasons.

Call your Girlfriend – Robyn

Robyn always makes me happy. I love her songs, even though the lyrics may be quite sad I always find a way to be happy listening to them. If you know the songs and listen between the lines you know that she’s happy deep down.

Tick Tick Boom – The Hives

Wow, I probably will feel like exploding once I’ve finished my run. That’s a nice feeling to have though, I know for sure I’ve done my best and pushed myself. Having The Hives shouting at me sure helps too.

Better off Dead – The Sounds

The Swedish artist keep coming. Holding a gun to my head won’t be necessary in this case, I know I can do it. Running is one of the best ways for me to let go of some steam and clear my head.

Full Steam Spacemachine – Royal Republic

Last Swedish song and around here I guess I’m soon done with my run. I just have to make sure I’m in full steam and this song will help a lot. I saw ‘Royal Republic’ a few years back at Live at Leeds and the energy they have on stage is the energy I look for in running.

White Horse – Cold in Berlin

Best band name ever, ‘Cold in Berlin’. I’m not much for heavy metal but this is a cool band and their music works well on a running playlist – at least on mine.

I will break you – Skunk Anansie

As the finish song I’ve chosen one of Skunk Anansie. They have too many to choose from but I opted for the one best matching my mood towards the end of the run. I need it to push and encourage me to break my time records.

Have you got a running playlist? Which songs work best for you?

Jennie xx