Revolución De Cuba Leeds

So many new restaurants popping up all over Leeds at the minute and Revolución De Cuba is one of them. It’s baby fresh and therefore also very popular. We originally wanted to go on Friday night but it was impossible to get a table so we had to wait for Saturday. The website said they couldn’t book tables just yet so we never tried. It turned out that we could have but arriving a bit earlier on the Saturday worked as well.

Revolución De Cuba is a very big restaurant with three floors. I’d be happy if I had a place as big as the downstairs toilet area. We never went to the upper floor so I’m not really sure what’s up there but I would guess a bar, tables and maybe a dance floor. Most tables on the entrance floor is for dining guest but also  to only enjoy some drinks.


We had to wait around half an hour to get a table so we made our way further in to the bar and ordered some cocktails. We were lucky to catch them during the last couple of minutes left during happy hour (2-4-1). We should have arrived earlier to get more but that’s a lesson for next time. Every day between 5-7pm. Anyway, we went for the classics – Caipirinha and Dark n’ Stormy. Nothing much to say about them than that they were amazing!

Revolucion De Cuba cocktails Dark N' Stormy


Revolución De Cuba have tried as much as possible to give you the feeling of entering and enjoying a proper Cuban restaurant. The wooden fans, loud music, dark colours and lighting. The tables are all different with various types of chairs to go with each. The room is segregated off into different areas, using wooden panels which I think is a clever way of making the most of the floor plan.

Revolucion De Cuba 6 Revolucion De Cuba 5

Our table was quite close to the door and with it being freezing here in Leeds at the minute we felt a bit cold. I could have done with a blanket but survived with some alcohol and good company. The waitress did apologise, said that they’d turned up the heating but it didn’t help – only double doors would have.

The Menu

The menu is printed on newspaper sheets making it fee like as if you’re reading the newspaper. Nice little touch. We came for tapas but they also serve bigger mains like enchiladas, steaks etc. so there’s easily something for everyone.

Revolución De Cuba menu

We went for the offer of 6 tapas dishes for £28 and shared them. The menu suggest 3 tapas as a starter, for one person, and 6 as a main but there was so much food we could probably have fed yet another person on those six dishes and two starters, Crispy Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and Artisian Sourdough Bread with dips. The guacamole was lovely and went down nicely but there was absolutely no need for all the bread served in the second starter.

Revolución De Cuba tapas Sea Bass Ceviche

The six mains we opted for were Roasted Chorizo, Iberico Ham Croquettas, Quesadilla, Gambas Pil Pil (King Prawns), Sea Bass Ceviche and Chicken Skewers instead of the lamb dish, which they were out of. I wasn’t too impressed with the food to be honest. It was a bit bland but the Roasted Chorizo tasted beautifully so it was the dish I kept coming back to. The Croquettas were ok but I’ve had better. I haven’t eaten ceviche much before but my friend knows how it should taste and this was unfortunately week in taste.

For desert we ordered Churros which came with two dips – original dark chocolate sauce but also a caramel rum sauce which was nice. The churros were far too sugary for my liking so I could only fit one.

Revolución De Cuba churros

I can still recommend going to Revolución De Cuba if you want to be imagining you are in Cuba for a while. Maybe go during summer when its warm. I’d come back for cocktails during happy hour and treat myself to some guacamole and chorizo to nibble on as a snack. Perfect end to  a long hard day’s work.

Have you been to Revolución De Cuba and what did you think? Let me know if you have any other tapas restaurants to recommend.

Jennie xx