Q61 Nail & Beauty Studio

Every now and again I need a proper beauty pamper session. I say this a lot but spending money on beauty treatments always seem to be the last thing I do. It’s a shame because I always feel so much better physically and mentally after I’ve had them. It’s funny how clean and neat nails can make me feel so much more relaxed.

Q61 Nail Studio

Thanks to Q61 Nail & Beauty Studio in Leeds, I’ve been feeling very good about myself this week. I attended their first blogger event earlier this week and I had a really nice time.

Straight away, I felt very welcome walking in being greeted by the owners Helena and Michael. They set up the studio in 2015, less than a year after their honeymoon trip when Helena had a bad experience getting her nails done prior to their trip. After that she was determined to open up her own place and I guess it’s true that if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

Q61 cucpcakes Q61 Nail setup

Q61 is located on Boar Lane, opposite Nando’s, which is a busy area but as soon as you walk in, the hustle and bustle seems far away and you are in focus. Most other beauty salons seem a bit over the top and busy getting as many people seen to as possible every day whereas Q61 has a tranquil feel to it. With the purple colours and wooden furniture it also feels luxurious, which I really like.

When speaking to Helena later on, we agreed that a beauty salon’s impression on a person is usually made up from the treatment they’ve had done. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve had a great experience at the reception desk or really love the atmosphere in the place, it’s the treatment experience that matters. With this in mind, Q61 pride themselves training up all their staff in house to make sure they all meet the best customer service standards. I had my nails and eyelashes done at this event and both beauticians who saw to me were lovely.

Q61 Gel Nails

Marina did a great job painting my nails, despite them being so small and maybe not the most fun to paint. I could tell she’s happy in the job she has and that’s she’s a perfectionist like me. I chose a pastel pink colour as the next working day we had to wear pink or purple in the office to show support for Autism Awareness Week. Next time I think I’ll go for red nails.

I have said I’d never have gel nails again because I end up picking them and ruin my nails. This time around I’ll behave! I love the finish and that they last so long. When I do my own nails, I always manage to mess something up and they flake within a couple of days – boo.

Q61 Eyelashes

Jodie took care of me upstairs giving me the eyelashes treatment. I’ve never had them done before, not even fake lashes you buy in the shop to put on yourself (I find it too fiddly) so I was really excited to have them done professionally. Granted, I had a couple of questions for Jodie which she happily answered. Basic questions which I’m sure you all know about but I didn’t.

Q61 Eyelashes treatment*image courtesy of Victoria (Apartment Number 4)

There are different types of lashes depending what effect you want. The ends are dipped in glue and then attached on to the upper eyelash row. It’s individual lashes rather than a whole strip which makes them look more natural. I asked for filling eyelashes, enough to make it look like I’m wearing mascara but I’m not.

In the before and after picture you can tell a slight difference in the length and curve. I’m really happy with the result, even though it’s taken me a while to get used to the lashes. I’ve had lots of nice compliments at work as well, which is always appreciated. I’m really surprised how much more the lashes open up my eyes and that my friends I’m in very much need of, so tiny eyes, ha.

These lashes will last me 2-3 weeks. How exciting to see how I feel when they’ve all come off. I bet I want to go back all the time to have them done.

Q61 Eyelashes before Q61 Eyelashes after

It was a really fun and busy night. So busy I hardly had a chance to talk to all the bloggers attending or take any pictures. I guess you’ll have to pop in to the studio to see for yourselves. The full menu of all Q61 treatments, including price, can be found on their website. They have a lot of treatments to offer and different variations of them all so plenty for everyone to find what they most prefer.

Have you been to Q61 before? What is your experience from fake eyelashes?

Jennie xx