Pumpkin Hunting

It’s nearly Halloween and pumpkins are a must! Sadly, even though I went pumpkin hunting over the weekend, I don’t have one on display. I’ve seen so many people going pumpkin hunting lately and really wanted to go myself. Luckily Michelle and Gina also wanted to go so over the weekend just gone, we headed to Farmer Copleys in Pontefract. The reason we didn’t buy any pumpkins in the end is because our wheelbarrow was stolen.

Pumpkin photo shoot Beetle

Gina and I got the train to Wakefield Westgate from Leeds where Michelle picked us up in her cute Beetle and drove us to Farmer Copleys. The weather was so hot and nice Sunday always bring out people. The farm was full of people, but luckily also with pumpkins so definitely more than one for everyone to pick. We had to queue to get a wheelbarrow, even wait for someone to hand theirs back in to get one. We happily paid £5 knowing we’d get it back after our hunt. Sadly, instead we were robbed on that fiver, ha!

PYO Pumpkins Tractor Pumpkin Farm

I’ve never seen so many pumpkins in one place before. I think I’ve been to a pumpkin farm before in Sweden but it’s such a long time ago I don’t remember it being that many pumpkins. I doubt it would be a third as big as Farmer Copleys fields. Pumpkins in all colours; white, orange, yellow, green and blue and shapes; round, square, oval, squashed, big and tiny.

Orange Pumpkins Fancy pumpkins Pumpkin barrels

We wandered up and down and across the pumpkin rows in the search for the perfect pumpkins. We all had an idea of what type and size of pumpkins we wanted before looking and although there were thousands of pumpkins available, it proved difficult finding the perfect ones. Even at the “fancy” parts we couldn’t decide. I picked far too many than I could carry on a train back to Leeds. My idea was to collect as I went to at the end pick out the three best. I wanted three small pumpkins, a blue, yellow and orange, to come home with me. In the search for a better sized orange, the wheelbarrow AND pumpkins got stolen.

Green Wheelbarrow Farmer Copleys wheelbarrow Pumpkin in wheelbarrow

We were all too shocked to actually find out who might have taken it and the couple of pumpkins they’d left behind were the ones we didn’t want. Instead of spending another two or so hours hunting for new pumpkins, we left for a nice Sunday roast, pudding and catch-up at The Kings Arms in Heath, Wakefield. The weather was exceptionally warm and nice which meant we could enjoy sitting outside with no need of coats, hats or scarfs mid-October.

Sunday Roast Brownie Sundae

Despite being robbed we still had a fabulous day and we got some really nice photos out of it (we’re bloggers after all). Farmer Copleys has their Pumpkin Festival open this weekend as well. You can come here pumpkin picking on a weekday too, when I guess there’ll be less people about. It’s a really nice day out getting away from the city life and enjoying fresh air! Just be careful not leaving your wheelbarrow out of site for too long.

Have you been pumpkin picking yet? How are you carving yours this year?

Jennie xx