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My living room is the room where I spend most of my time. When I first moved in to this flat, a bed and sofa were the two first pieces of furniture I invested in. I have gradually added furniture since, most recently a desk to go in my bedroom. Prior to the desk I was sitting at my kitchen/living room table working away at my lap top. Since assembling the desk, I’ve spent more time in my bedroom. With colder weather coming though, I’ll be back on the sofa in the living room to watch my favourite TV series.

Rapello Carved Rug

I love wooden floors and to walk barefoot but with colder weather it gets quite nippy at times. I thought it was time to invest in a rug to put my cold feet on but also to create a cohesive look in the living room. What better time to do it than with Studio’s latest ambassador theme – preparing for cooler weather*. Yes I know, slippers would suffice but they’re not as pretty as rugs are and again, wouldn’t “make” the living room. Deciding which rug to get wasn’t easy though.

How to Choose a Rug for a Room

Firstly, Studio have so many nice living room rugs so finding the right one was not easy. I initially thought I should get one with colour to make the living room a bit happier. Knowing myself, if there’s too much colour in one space, I’ll get tired of it quickly, thinking I’ve gone overboard. Instead I started to look for dark grey and black rugs and thought a patterned one would fit great as everything else is quite plain in texture and shape. I found this Rapello Carved rug and together with my new black faux fur throw I think it matches perfectly. There’s enough colour on my cushions not to make the room look too dull. Cushion covers are easier and cheaper to swap than rugs.

Black Faux Fur Throw Black Throw

How to Place a Rug in your Living Room

Secondly, where do I place the rug? What are the rules? I did a bit of research and it turns out there aren’t really any rules, as long as you think it looks good, that’s where it stays. Front legs on but not back legs of the sofa. All four legs on or none of them, it’s all up to you. I’ve gone with the front legs only as my sofa has a chaise. The rug isn’t big enough (160 x 230cm) to fit the full sofa or it would disappear. It’s too nice looking for that and also, it wold loose its purpose of filling the room and give more soft surface to walk on. At the moment, I have placed it in line with the sofa but might have to angle it slightly as the balcony wall isn’t straight so it looks crooked. I’ll see which looks best but it’s so exhausting lifting a sofa and pulling a rug at the same time so I might wait until I next have a visitor.

Black and white rug Studio Rug

My living room is set up for cosy nights in. Now what to watch on telly? Check out my previous blog post where I share my favourite Scandinavian TV series which you have to watch!

How are you preparing for the cold weather?

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Jennie xx

*This post is in collaboration with Studio as part of my ambassador role. All views, words and photos are as always my own (unless stated otherwise).