Kalmar Postcards

Late January I went for a week long visit to Sweden. I go every year and this time around, I truly appreciated the rest I got. I really needed it and it was nice not having to stress around meeting lots of people, only the ones that matter the most.

On two occasions I also had some time to take lovely pictures of Kalmar and its nice surroundings which I wanted to share with you in this post. I was hoping for loads of snow but all that was left was a bit of ice in some places. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen some of these and more.

Kalmar Domkyrka

During this week, I realised that Kalmar has a lot of gorgeous buildings. I’ve know for a long time but sometimes it’s easy to forget when you’ve seen them on a daily basis growing up and on regular visits every year. The cathedral is one of those buildings. During crisp days with a clear blue sky and sun it’s extra pretty reflecting its colourful walls.

Kalmar Cathedral side Kalmar Cathedral front


Kattrumpan is an old part of Kalmar city where loads of cute wooden houses have been kept. It’s so nice walking down this street, admiring all the colourful homes. My dad grew up in one of these houses (red one in the first image) which is pretty cool.

Kattrumpan Kattrumpan colourful houses


Klapphuset is one of the most iconic buildings in Kalmar. It’s a building every ‘Kalmarit’ knows about but perhaps it’s not as well photographed as the castle. Klapphuset is the house where the women of Kattrumpan went to do their washing. I’m not sure if you can still wash your clothes here but it’s pretty cool it’s still been kept preserved.

Klapphuset Kattrumpan Kalmar Klapphus


It’s only a couple of years ago I learned that Svinö bridge was designed by my grandfather’s uncle. I’m chuffed having an architect in the family and that his work is still around.

Svinöbron Svinö bridge


This is a much bigger bridge and more known as it takes you over to the best island in the word – Öland. Yes, it’s my own opinion but I’m sure I share it with many others. The bridge was built in the 60’s so before then, the only option to get Tim the mainland was with the ferry.

Ölandsbron from Svinö Ölandsbron

Have you got any special buildings and other architecture from your home city which you love and like to share?

Jennie xx