Post-Workout Smoothies

Post-Workout Smoothies for all Tastes and Exercise

I love the feeling right after a run! I feel so energised and good about myself, it’s as if I could conquer the world (think away the heavy panting, sweat dripping down my red face and uncomfortable walking – in my mind, I’m as fit as a fiddle). I never want the feeling to go away so I know how important it is to fuel up fairly quickly after a run to maintain the high I’m on. Because my body is so worked up, I can’t seem to process a massive meal after a run or workout. For me, a smoothie is the best option.

When Simplyhealth* got in touch offering me a box of healthy goodies – a LifeBox – to help with my post-workout refueling, I couldn’t say no. My weekly smoothies have no reached a whole new level; continuing with the main ingredients to now adding different powders (protein, coconut, detox) depending on exercise and taste.

Smoothies ingredients

My smoothies work well anytime of the day but with these new ingredients, they’re killer for a post-workout. For the following smoothies, I use the same method of mixing/blending together and serve cold. I never measure the ingredients anymore, I only use my eye judgement so sometimes they don’t always come out the same. I’ve tried to measure it out here for you but once you get the hang of it (you probably already know) you can add take away as much as you like depending on how thick and flavoursome you like your smoothie.

Mango & Coconut Smoothie

Mango is my favourite flavour in smoothies at the minute and it tasted even better with coconut rum but since I’m doing Sober October (you can sponsor me here) I thought coconut powder is the better choice and something I’ll stick with from now on, especially after a workout. If you’re feeling fine and only need something to top you up after a run or workout, before a meal, this is the smoothie for you.

Mango & Coconut smoothie

1 banana
1 handful of frozen mango bites
4 spoons of natural yoghurt
0.5 dl almond or soy milk
1 tbs of Ibiza Superfoods Detox Mix
1 tbs of Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro powder

Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Raspberry smoothie was the first flavour I tried when I made my own smoothie. I love raspberries and doesn’t the smoothie look cute being all pink?! I thought the vanilla flavoured protein powder would taste perfect with this smoothie, giving it a softer taste. I prefer protein smoothies after a really long run or extra hard workout.

Raspberry protein smoothie

1 banana
3 handfuls of frozen raspberries
4 spoons of natural yoghurt
0.5 dl almond or soy milk
2-14 tbs Vanilla PhD woman natural protein

Blackberry Detox Smoothie

Blackberry is a new flavour I wanted to try in smoothies. It’s a bit more sour than the others but I quite like that. I feel it’s the best flavour to use a detox mix in. It’s the perfect smoothie for those days, or weeks, when life hasn’t gone your way and you’re in need of a power walk to walk it off and continue the detoxing once back inside.

Blackberry Detox smoothie

1 banana
2 handfuls of frozen blackberries
4 spoons of natural yoghurt
0.5 dl almond or soy milk
1 tbs of Ibiza Superfoods Detox Mix

What’s your go to post-workout smoothie? If you try any of these, I’d love to know what you think.

Jennie xx

*I’m signed up with Simplyhealth through work and they’re so good! With them, we get lots of help and means to a healthier lifestyle. It’s nice to know your employers care for you and that they can together with Simplyhealth.**

**All my own words, no one asked me to write this 😉

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