Pizza Making Pizza Express

I think I’ve mentioned this before, that every other month we have a social with work. There are different activities every time. I’ve previously talked about bubble football and wine tasting on the blog, which were both part of the work socials.

This month we went to Pizza Express but instead of just enjoying pizzas in good company, we were also shown and given the opportunity to make our own. A really good idea so when it was announced we’d be doing this, I undoubtedly said YES!

I’ve been to Pizza Express before but it’s a long while ago now. I think I’ve been to this branch before as well, the one behind the Corn Exchange in Leeds. I’m positive I’ve never been to the upstairs area though, which we had booked out for this event.

My colleague said that they had asked how many children would be coming when she booked us in. This might be an event mostly done for children but ever so fun for adults as well. On the massive plus side, in the adult pizza making booking a glass of prosecco is included!

Pizza Making hat

With a glass of rosé and dressed up in an apron and a special pizza making hat, I was more than ready to toss pizzas in the air. At first I wasn’t sure as I wouldn’t want to risk having to eat a pizza that’s been on the floor. Luckily, we did a test round first so we all got a chance to try our luck throwing pizzas in the air. It was a lot easier than I had anticipated and I managed to catch mine every time ( a natural!).

Pizza Making is easy!

Our job was easy, especially after being shown by a professional first!

Pizza Making lesson

1. Knead the already prepared piece of dough

2. “Flap” it between our hands to get rid of excessive flour. Be careful when turning the dough. I managed to get flour all over my black shoes, ha!

Pizza Making

3. Toss in the air a few times

4. Place in the greased pizza tray

5. Distribute the tomato sauce evenly

6. Go crazy over toppings and decorate. I remembered to add the cheese first and then chose to flavour with pepperoni, red peppers, mushrooms black olives and some sliced fefferoni.

Pizza toppings

The rest was taken care of the Pizza Express and shortly after our pizzas were served. I ate all of mine as by this time in the evening, I was starving! I thought my pizza looked really good but it could have tasted better. I don’t remember Pizza Express having so much tomato sauce on their pizzas but this one had a bit too much – out of my control so I’m not giving myself a hard time.

Pizza Express Pizza

I can really recommend this type of event if your stuck on ideas what to do with the girl gang or on a lads night out.

Have you taken pizza lessons before? What’s your favourite pizza topping?

Jennie xx