Pintura Kitchen Gin Garden

Pintura Gin Garden

If there’s any garden to have, it’s a gin garden. I know I not long ago said that rum is the new gin and I still stand by it but when the sun is out and you need a drink to cool down, Pintura’s Gin Garden is the perfect spot!

Pintura Kitchen gin cocktails

Before jetting of on holiday, I finally made it to Pintura Kitchen (next to M&S and opposite Clarke’s in Leeds) for a couple of well deserved gin cocktails. Outside, they’ve managed to create a cosy gin garden on a small and maybe not the best located space. It’s a highly pedestrian trafficked area but behind the fake bushes you don’t notice it as much. It’s a chilled and summery environment, perfect for sipping cold gin cocktails and nibbling on tapas.

Gin + Tonic Plus menuTonic pouring Pintura Gin Garden

This summer, Pintura has added a new section to their gin menu, ‘Gin + Tonic Plus’. It includes three gin cocktails: The Orange-inal Copa, The Yorkshire Copa and Zurriola. These gin cocktails are blurring the line between original G&Ts and cocktails, bringing in juices, jams, liqueurs and fancy garnishing to the mix. If you’re one of those who think you don’t like gins (it’s probably the tonic you don’t like) these cocktails will be a good starting point.

The Orange-inal Copa

The Orange-inal Copa

Keeping it simple with a zesty flavour of orange marmalade and lemon bitters this is a refreshing gin cocktails that goes down very easy. I love a citrus flavoured cocktail of any kind, they never go wrong!

The Yorkshire Copa

The Yorkshire Copa

This is a fruity gin cocktail with rhubarb as the main ingredient. The rhubarb gin is enhanced with rhubarb bitters and balanced out with a ginger liqueur for a lovely and different taste. Pintura use the Slingsby rhubarb gin which is nice on it’s own as well. I can recommend this cocktail if you’re looking for a flavourful drink.



Last but not least an olive flavoured gin cocktail giving a more bitter after taste. If you like a martini (also gin and vermouth but much stronger) this is the cocktail for you!

I’m hoping to head back to Pintura Kitchen soon. I want to check out their indoor restaurant across three levels and of course enjoy more cocktails. They have 100s of gins to choose from. Where are you heading this summer for refreshing gin cocktails? Have you got any fun recipes of your own to share?

Jennie xx


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