Pinche Pinche

I love Mexican food! It has so many lovely flavours I can’t resist. A couple of weeks ago I went to a small Mexican restaurant called Pinche Pinche, in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and my colleagues suggested we should go, so I wanted to try it out.

Pinche Pinche outside

When we got there I realised I’ve seen it so many times before, in passing by, without realising it’s actually a restaurant. I love that they have a skull in their name sign. That in itself made me love the place even more, alongside the lovely colours inside and the great decor.

Pinche Pinche inside

We were the only guest on arrival but soon after we sat down more people arrived and by the end of our meal the restaurant was full, so it’s most certainly a popular place, even on a Monday evening.

Pinche Pinche Menu

I was really excited as all my colleagues love the food and the menu options got me really intrigued. I ordered a beer I’ve never heard of before, Celia, and it was really nice and refreshing. The Czechs know how to make beer and it’s organic, so even better!

Pinche Pinche menu

I was told the portions are quite big so I knew a main would be enough for me but also had some guacamole to share. You can’t go to a Mexican restaurant without having guacamole, right?! I really liked the idea of the tacos offer, but couldn’t decide on what toppings to get. Cleverly, I could choose two toppings, on two flour tortillas each. I opted for steak and seabass as I thought they would compliment each other really well.

Pinche Pinche tacos

I was starving so it felt like ages before the food arrived but now I’d say it was perfect amount of time to wait. You don’t want them to be too quick, nor too slow. The food smelled and looked amazing!!! I was really excited to eat it but I wasn’t as impressed as I’d hoped once taking a bite. The steak was really nice but there was far too many pomegranate seeds for my liking. The seabass, potatoes and herbs tasted amazing but for both these dishes, the nixtamale corn tortillas ruined it for me. Their taste overpowered the flavours from all the other ingredients. On the plus side, there was a lot of food so I didn’t go home on an empty stomach. I could happily eat the sea bass on its own and I even left one steak tortilla for my colleague to take home.

Pinche Pinche steak and seabass

Despite this, I’d like to come back and try other dishes. The guacamole was delicious and the enchiladas one of my colleagues ate looked amazing! Have you ever been to Pinche Pinche? What did you think?

Jennie xx