Phinexi Phone Charger Case

No doubt, my phone is the one thing I carry around with me everywhere I go. I use it for everything; keeping in touch with fiends and family, communicating on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.), tracking my exercise progress using various cycling and running apps, keeping up with my blogger e-mails and events calendar, find relevant buses and trains when in need (even my tickets are on there) and much more. I know I’m not alone and we all hate when the battery runs out at the most inconvenient of times. In comes Phinexi battery case*.

Phone case flatlay

For years I’ve used a portable battery charger but as it happens I’ve sometimes forgot to charge it, forgot to bring the cable to plug it in with or forgot the actual charger itself when in a rush. All very annoying situations. I have thought about investing in a phone case with a built in battery but they all seem very bulky and non aesthetically appealing. Phinexi phone case is different; it’s slim so hardly noticeable it is a battery charger and not much heavier than a non battery case. It’s available in various colours; rose gold, gold and black. I’ve got a black case as it matches my phone the best.

The case is easily fitted on the phone. I’m a bit concerned it’s not covering my upper phone corners so I don’t think it would protect my phone if I did drop it. But looking at the previous cases I’ve owned, they’re not much better and I’ve managed for years with only dropping my phone once. Apart from the lack in protecting all corners, this case is a good fit around the phone and I like the matte, silicon finish and feel to it.

Phinexi iPhone case Phinexi ohone case

The battery case charges up together whit the phone when plugged in to the plug socket. Normally I’d charge my phone this way every night but thanks to this case, I only have to every other night, or if I’m really lucky I can survive for three whole days. Yes, the battery life in this case is that good. Considering how much I use my phone, as mentioned earlier, I think that’s amazing.

The case battery is easy to switch on and off by double clicking the heart button. It took me a while before I realised that this is what you do as it didn’t come with any instructions but I got there in the end. The double click function is good as it’s not as easy to accidentally switch on the battery when carrying around the phone in my bag or simply holding it in my hand. Next to the heart is a little row of lights which indicates if the battery is charging (on = charging and off = not charging). The lights also indicate the battery life; each light turning off one by one until there’s no battery life left.

Phinexi phone case heart button

Phinexi’s battery phone cases are available for iPhone 6 and 7 (£29.99-49.99) I’m also excited for this brand’s wireless headphones. They would be great for when I go running and cycling.

How do you keep your phone battery’s life longer? What do you think to using battery phone cases?

Jennie xx

*PR Sample. All views are my own.