Ad | Event*. Just before the the Corona pandemic, I had time to attended a blogger event. It feels like ages ago now and I can’t wait for more to come when we’re allowed back out again. The event I went to was my second Pandora event, this time in Leeds. At a smaller venue (The Lost & Found on Greek Street) than last year’s event in Manchester and a more intimate gathering, it was still as fab. The event was thrown to celebrate the launch of Pandora’s zodiac charm range and birthstone collection which we got a closer look at.

Pandora Leeds EventPandora Charm CollectionLost & Found chickenLost & Found brownies

Like in Manchester, plenty of food was served to keep us full, the prosecco was flowing and memories captured at the photo booth. Slightly different to a fortuneteller’s guest appearance last time time, here an astrologist peaked our interest. Astrologist and numerologist, Francesca Oddie, was there to tell our future based on the place and time of day that we were born. I can’t remember everything that was predicted about my life in details aside from three truths: I had an experience in my youth that still affects decisions I make today, I love to travel and have located abroad and 2020 is a year with very little excitement. Too right!! Anyone else feel like these truths could fit in on them? Thought so. I find numerology fascinating but with any fortune/future telling, I take it with a pinch of salt.

Astrology Reading

Back to the true stars of the evening show instead, the Pandora zodiac charms range and birthstone collection.

Pandora Zodiac Charms and Birthstone Collection

These astrology inspired charms are beautiful. Dainty silver charms individually designed for each zodiac sign and the birthstone collection consisting of heart shaped silver charms with a different coloured birthstone in the middle of each. Pandora also has a gold collection of Chinese Zodiac charms but this event’s focus was on the former two.

Pandora Zodiac Charms and Birthstone CollectionPandora Zodiac Charms

I’m born in December so my birthstone is turquoise. When I was younger, I didn’t like it at all. I wished for a pink or a red stone instead but now I’m really happy with this colour. I love water and there’s nothing better than a turquoise sea.

Being born late in December means I’m a Capricorn. I find that most characteristics describing a Capricorn fits my personality: responsible, disciplined, hardworking and stubborn to name a few. But, you don’t have to be a Capricorn to have these traits or have these traits just because you’re a Capricorn. Anyway, the star sign charm is lovely with tiny little diamonds engraved on the smooth side and the bottom has a cool grooved pattern.

Pandora Charm Bracelet

Shortly after the Pandora Me event last year I was kindly sent a Pandora Me link bracelet and the tiniest diamond charm which I had picked out. Thank you again! I was hoping that the zodiac sign and birthstone charms would fit nicely on there as well but sadly they’re too big. The birthstone one is slimmer so it could perhaps fit but luckily for me, I received another Pandora bracelet at this event to fit these charms. It’s a stale bracelet that clips on with a Pandora hook. I’m in love with this minimalistic style and it looks great next to my previous bracelet. They’re two completely different styles which compliment each other well with everything being silver, including the charms. I love a play with texture and design.

Pandora Birthstone CollectionPandora Goody Bags

Do you own any Pandora jewellery? What do you think to these new collections? Which zodiac sign and birthstone are you born in? Do you find that they match your personality?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited by Pandora to their event and was gifted a bracelet and two charms in return for writing this blog post. Words, views and photos are my own.