Business cards in card holder

Business Cards for my blog

I thought it would be a good idea to design some business cards for my blog. If I want to take this seriously, yes I do, there’s no time to waste but to start promoting the blog properly. Now I’ve got…

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Jeans and sunglasses from New Look

Spring Shopping at New Look

I used to make sure to go to New Look every time I went in to Leeds city centre shopping. Now they have two stores and you would think I’d prefer the newer of them but it turns out I…

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Scarborough beach

Spring Day in Scarborough

We took a day trip to the seaside and enjoyed spring in Scarborough. It takes around an hour, and hour and a half to get there by car from Hull. We made a few stops along the way so I’m…

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Balance Me Super Moisturing Body Wash

Balance Me Super Moisturing Body Wash

I’ve found a new great body wash.  Glamour introduced me to Balance Me – Super Moisturising Body Wash. It’s great that magazines offer product samples from different beauty brands. it happens more or less all the time and if you’re lucky…

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Map over distance and time for 5K

Reaching Running Goals

I have been running for a while now. I believe I started a year ago or so and finally I’m starting to reach my running goals. Ok, so I haven’t been running constantly for a whole year and I have…

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