Quiz outfit inspiration

We’re not a full week into December yet and I’ve already fit in two Christmas parties and Christmas market celebrations. The holiday festivities has truly kicked in and I can’t wait for more to come. Drinking and having fun isn’t hard, the difficult bit is what to wear for the occasion. For my work Christmas party, Quiz helped me out and I’m really happy with the result. A million thanks to Charlotte for taking these photos before getting our drinking game on.

Black lace dress Christmas outfit from Quiz

Black Lace Dress* – Quiz
Rose Gold Clutch Bag* – Quiz
Rose Gold Heels* – Quiz

All I knew is that Quiz would send me an outfit but I had no idea which. They knew my size and I assume also read this blog, figured out what type of dress style I like. I originally received a different dress which unfortunately had holes in it so this black dress got sent to me instead. I love the first dress, even though it isn’t one I personally would pick (even though I looked nice in it) but I’m glad this knee length black lace dress arrived instead. Most of you know how much I love black and it’s true, you can never go wrong with a black dress, no matter the occasion.

Christmas outfit Lace sleeve

I’m really glad the stylist picked a dress with a short sleeve. I hate to show my arms, it’s silly but true. A little sleeve and I feel so much more comfortable. I especially like the shoulders on this dress, such a cute detail to keep those in full lace, without the slinky fabric underneath, which the rest of the dress has.

Dress details

The dress material is slightly stretchy. It’s very handy when stuffing your face with delicious Christmas food and drinks but also moving around on the dance floor. Another nice detail is the bottom cut. I love that it goes up in the middle, showing a bit more leg in a tasty way. Again, the lace details here are really cute.

Rose gold clutch bag

The heels and bag bring the bling to the party. Rose gold mixed velvet and silk matching shoes and bag with fake diamonds. The bag comes with a thin gold chain which I kept in the bag should I have wanted to hang it over my shoulder. I worry it might get caught in the dress so instead I wore it as a clutch bag which worked fine. It’s a good sized bag that fits the essentials; money, keys, phone and makeup.

Shoes from above Rose gold high heels

The shoes are slightly too high for me to walk around comfortably a whole night but I just have to practise even more. At least they have a chunky heel and an ankle strap. Without that and if they’d been stiletto heels I’d have no chance at all. Apart from being a couple of millimetres too high (for now) they’re really comfortable around the foot. I love that the shoes and bag match and would like to reuse them for other more casual outfits, like a jeans and top. The same goes for the dress, I see myself wearing it for more occasions to come.

Have you picked out what you’re wearing for coming Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations yet? If not, Quiz Clothing have a lot of party dresses to choose from.

Jennie xx

*PR samples. All views are my own.